2013 - Coal Miners Classic-Scott Kornfield Mem


Saturday, June 1, 2013



Agreed, thanks for posting.

Agreed, thanks for posting. I liked the original course they used at that venue, it was fast, good corners and a hard race. I did not like the course as much last year, nor the finish. Glad to see they changed it up. I also think it is nice to have races like this and Fed Center, that are circuit races, and not crits. I enjoyed the Fed Center yesterday,

Cut Short

Great race and loved the longer course but our race was suppose to be 45 minutes long and we raced for 36 minutes. We could have easily done 1 more lap and STILL finished under 45 minutes. I know we started a little late but there was 15 minutes between races. Sucks that they had to make up the time for starting our race late but cutting our race short.

Put your 6.36 min of racing

Put your 6.36 min of racing in prospective!!

Only 2 races had 15 min after them and those were the races that had 2 waves. Maybe you should learn how time management is done at a race.

Bummer that they could not start on time. Go complain to the promoter and volunteers that set up the course before you even got out of bed.

Really, go ask them to get their butt out of bed 15 min earlier this morning. 3:45am instead of 4am is nothing.

Oh, thank them for working a 12 hour day.

Put your 6.36 min of racing in prospective!!

there were a number of

there were a number of dangerous potholes and concrete edges on the course that could have been easily mitigated with the use of a little cold patch asphalt repair. Its not expensive, doesnt take a lot of time, works great for bike races. It may not make everything smooth as glass, but it does diminish the potential danger of crashes and broken wheels. It seems to me that this promoter and several others this year seem to believe that painting a bit of orange around the hazard is the best solution. Its a weak excuse for course preparation.

Hey, that's so nice of you to

Hey, that's so nice of you to volunteer your time and money to prep the courses at the remainder of the crits for the season. I know it isn't expensive and won't take long, but we still appreciate your contribution. You ROCK.

Wait, what... you're not volunteering to help? Never mind...

I'm assuming, from your

I'm assuming, from your comment, that you are the person who posted above about fixing the streets (if not, my apologies). As a promoter, which would you prefer: a) someone coming to you directly and privately, expressing concerns and offering suggestions, or 2) someone bitching on 303cycling.com?

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