2013 - City Park Criterium


Sunday, June 2, 2013



Updated course.

RMRC has been hard at work on the race this year. We've had a bunch of feedback on races past and based on that we thought it was time to change things up just a bit. I'm sure some people liked things the way they were, but others didn't. We hope this pleases as many people as possible.

For 2013 we are re-introducing the long course for as many races as possible (all races before noon). As many know, this race is one of the oldest bike races in Colorado, and we've run the long course many times in the past. It changes the character of the race from fast, tight, and technical to laps that are twice as long and possibly more tactical.

The city only let us run this course until noon because of Jazz In The Park, so for races after noon we've gone to the shorter course, but we've changed all of the roundabouts to go around the inside of the roundabout instead of the outside. This will hopefully mellow out the turns and keep things safer for those races after noon.

The best place to check out the courses is on the flyer, which is linked here: http://www.coloradocycling.org/sites/default/files/Site_Files/Race_Flyer...

In order to help make these changes possible, we've teamed up with Team Cycleton to add enough manpower to course marshal the longer course. Cycleton has also added significantly to the prize list, which is growing by the day.

We look forward to a fast and fun day of racing on June 2nd.



Merged with 1-2. Again, this

Merged with 1-2. Again, this was due to schedule constraints. We COULD have run it on the short course later in the day, but many felt that the 35+1-2s would rather race the long course with the 1-2s than they would want to race on the short course later in the day.

Again, apologies that we can't somehow do better with the schedule that we had to work with. Maybe jumping in with the 1-2 field on the long course will be a cool way to test the legs.

It was a difficult decision

It was a difficult decision to make and we hope we made the right one. We know there are a bunch of racers that love the fast and punchy short course. Thanks for coming out and racing anyway, we hope you'll like the long course and even be surprised by it. It's actually got a nice variation of tight/technical and wide open so it should provide opportunities to riders of all styles. Cheers!

True, spectators will see

True, spectators will see fewer laps on the long course but if they go to the 2nd median they can see racers go by twice per lap, and that could make for some interesting spectating in itself depending on breaks and race dynamics.

Fed Center had long(er?) laps like this, and the spectators got creative there too by going to places where the course passed the same location a few times per lap. Perhaps we can have the announcer let people know that they can see more from certain spots on the course.

But in the end, who to please? Spectators or racers? Hopefully we please the racers.


What spectators?
This was done to hopefully having the long course will increase the number of racers. It's been a few years since I did this race. I stopped when it went back to the short course with 3 round abouts per 1K lap.

I love the short-course, but

I love the short-course, but I understand not everyone does. I appreciate rmrc trying to listen to racers--most races just blindly trudge on year after year. I'm excited for the racing, I just hope more racers come out. I'll harass my teammates to join in.


City Park Reg Still Open!

Yeah, we screwed up on the flyer and told you pre-reg would be open until midnight tonight instead of the planned close last night. I opened it back up again from now through 8pm tonight - we still have to close with enough time to print all the forms and make it to the park tomorrow.

Register here: http://mad.sc/pco7
See you all at City Park!


You lost your phone at city park today. We found it & I'm charging it now. If you lost one tell me what kind/etc. You should probably claim it before we get access to your pictures & facebook.....

lapped riders

When running the short course. you should really consider pulling lapped riders. Its too short or a course, raced too quickly, and it created a lot of confusion and dangerous corners. Just a thought for next year.

I agree. We see a few 1K

I agree. We see a few 1K courses. Lapped riders do not belong on short courses. Technical or not. This is a competition not a fun ride. Those that argue that slow racers paid for the full race so they get to stay in are wrong. USAC and officials job is to run a safe and fair race. Not make lapped riders feel good. Lapped riders are unsafe and interfere with the integrity of competition. My "feel good" is just as important.


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