2013 - City Park Criterium


Sunday, June 2, 2013



Frankly, I can not for the

Frankly, I can not for the life of me understand why someone would solo off the back for an entire crit. It's not like you're trying to prove you can finish. If riding nonstop for 30 minutes by yourself is an achievement for you, you shouldn't be in the race to begin with. Once you're OTB, you really should get off the course and out of the way.

Exceptions: really small fields, or younger juniors. Oh yeah, and 'cross

Loved the long course!

The long course added longer straight a ways nice cornering, and in all a safer faster course. Very fast at 27.7 mph average in the 35-3/ 3's race and the pro race was as good as it gets as a spectator seeing the field every 3-4 minutes. The race was also run top notch, posting was quick and everyone I saw was having a blast. The only thing that would have made it better is a beer garden to knock some of the soreness out of the legs after the race. Cheers!

I think it went off pretty

I think it went off pretty well. The officials' job is to choose whether they pull riders or not, and its not a bad idea to either have them pull over or get pulled and get scored. It is understandable on that short of a course. Otherwise, the long course was fantastic. Super awesome course and safe to boot. Only one guy went down all day. Something to look forward to next season again. 42 years of this race, I hope it keeps going strong. Spectators on far side were taking photos of the 3's/35 race and were blown away by the speed. Tough to get a beer garden, but something we can maybe get for next year.


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