2013 - CSU - Cobb Lake Circuit Race


Saturday, March 16, 2013



For the future

Next year....can we move this race to July and then allow us to drive up to the race the night before and stay in one of those homes....and stay for a couple more days in them? While we're at it, can we get rid of the hill and juts make Colorado flat? Just sayin' :-)

Model Event

Great race and BRAC should use this as a model. It was a solid course (rolling enought, a little dirt, but not a ton and a good length), they ran a simplified group of catagories (I am a master male and I even IT hink all the masters cat BRAC runs is just stupid), the cost was reasonable and it was in a good location (ft. collins). We should have races like this. I remember a RR liek this in Erie in the l;ate 1990's, similar length loop, about a mile or two of dirt, it was held in August and it was a good event. Races like Buckete, the old RR that ran south of Castle Rock, etc.

The results were a little off, but serrious who really cares if you are not top 5. It is March people, chill out.

Riders need to help other

Riders need to help other riders. Get a clue.

At the start/finish, area at Cobb (and many other races) there is a HUGE gathering of riders. All this congestion is BAD.

Only riders racing should be close the Start/finish line.

I was dropped in the RR but still finished. I had to weave and brake and peddle my way around 200 riders just standing around so I could get a finish. I also checked in with the Judge stand so they knew I was finishing and not just some A hole doing little circles around the S/F.

I hear it at every race that the Judge yells at riders (not racing) DON'T cross the finish line.

I hear the Ref yelling and blowing the whistle to clear riders out of the road and not to mill around the finish.

No common sense.

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