2013 - Buffalo Bicycle Classic

The Buffalo Bicycle Classic is a cycling fundraiser. Since 2003, more than $1.8 million in scholarships have been awarded to promising students in CU-Boulder’s College of Arts and Sciences.

Before the Ride
The start-finish area is on Colorado Avenue between Benson Earth Sciences at the Mathematics Building, right across the street from the east end of Folsom Field.

Pre-ride-day packet pickup will be scheduled for a variety of locations. Riders registering by noon Aug. 28 may pick up their packets/bibs at participating shops from Saturday, Aug. 31, to Friday, Sept. 6.

Online registration will close at noon on Friday, Sept. 6. Late registration will begin at 6:30 on ride day at Start/Finish, with a $10 late fee.

On ride day, bib numbers may be picked beginning at 6:30 a.m. at the Start/Finish line. A photo ID will be required. On ride day, late registration, rider check-in, bib-number pick-up, and continental breakfast start at 6:30 a.m.. While checking-in, grab some freshly brewed coffee and a healthy snack. Then it's off you go for a great day of spinning!

2013 - Buffalo Bicycle Classic


Sunday, September 8, 2013



rider accident

I was on Cty Rd 8E coming down from Carter Lake on Sun. Sept. 8 and am appalled at the cyclists attiude. They were riding 2-3 abreast, made no attempt to single file. The accident with the older cyclist is definitely horrible, but that road is not wide enough for cyclist and vehicles especially at that voume. It is extremely dangerous, time consuming and NOT a cyclist-vehicle environment. That road goes up to Carter Lake and has for years which means there are boats, campers, big trucks, etc, so wise up and pick a different route. Cyclists ARE NOT exempt from traffic laws and need to stop acting as if they are, nor are they a protected species which they definitely think THEY ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Theresa, your attitude sucks.

Theresa, your attitude sucks.

We all have the same right to the road. NO ONE has more rights than another.

NO ONE has a right to harass or hurt someone.

My choice of travel is just as valid as yours.

Just because you take up more space with a truck and trailer than my bike doesn't mean you have the right to my space.

But you think you are entitled, Theresa.

Yeah, her attitude sux, but

Yeah, her attitude sux, but she has a point (even if she doesn't realize it). Sending a few thousand cyclists on a charity ride, on perhaps the last weekend of "summer", on a route known for its driver/cyclist issues was probably not the best idea.

Sure, we as cyclists have rights, but the permit to host an event on Carter lake road was not smart.

Pack Mentality

I love to ride my bike but I usually ride alone. I agree that motorists need to share the road but at the same time cyclists need to obey BASIC traffic laws (i.e. single file when no shoulder, stop at stop signs etc etc). I often get upset when I am driving and see cyclists behaving badly.

I dont know the circumstance of this accident but I have done many group rides (i.e. Triple Bypass, Buffalo Classic, Elephant Rock etc) and cyclists behavior goes out the window when they are riding in large groups. I was surprised to see Carter Lake being used as part of the route to say nothing of heading north into Larimer County (http://303cycling.com/problems-still-exists-in-larimer-sheriff-department).

Teresa does have a point. Yes

Teresa does have a point. Yes, cyclists have equal use of the road. No, you don't have a right to drive aggressively, endanger others or be otherwise abusive because you have a car and I have a bike. At the same time, I was doing my training ride on my bike on the roads leading up to Carter, and was not a part of the organized event. I was more than irritated to find exactly the scene described by Teresa: Cyclists in the middle of the road, riding four abreast without any shoulder, swinging out to pass one another without so much as a glance behind them. I was cut off repeatedly by other bikes, had to move in some cases across the centerline to pass bikes taking up the entire right hand side of the road, and saw some of the scariest bike handling I have been privy to in a good long while. This is the sort of thing that annoys not only vehicles, but other cyclists on the road. If you want to FEEL safe, you have to RIDE safe. That wasn't happening. I think the route up to Carter is a fine venue, and I think the driver in question was a tool. But I also think that cyclists need not assume they are protected because they are on a charity ride, cycling in a group, and that it gives them lisence to ride in a way that will end up in tragedy.

I agree 100% with your reply.

I agree 100% with your reply. I have participated in other charity rides, and often am really disappointed in how the other participants behave. I actually do not really feel comfortable doing large rides like that due to the lack of bike handling and safety that seems to occur.

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