2013 - Boulder Cup

8th Edition
SUNDAY OCT 13, 2013
Valmont Bike Park, Boulder, CO



- BRAC results

The largest cyclocross race in the Rockies broke new barriers in 2011: 3000 spectators, 776 racers, and almost 150 racers under 18 years of age set a state record! It continued the trend in 2012 and you can count on it doing the same in 2013!

Boulder Cup 2013 - Cycleton CX Team from Siapao Photography on Vimeo.

Boulder Cycle Sport Team Roaring at the 2013 Boulder Cup from Jamie Servaites on Vimeo.

Race Flyer - 2013 - Boulder Cup


Sunday, October 13, 2013



They were probably going to

They were probably going to be lapped on the next lap.

The race is at the front not at the back and a Chief Ref has to protect those in front.

I wonder if the same riders would get lapped at different races then maybe they are racing in a category above where they should be.

Complaining about your 45th place is lame!

What were your lap times....10 min??

I bet if you checked your stopwatch that you got close to the full amount of time for your race.

If you and every last person had to get that last lap in the races would never stay on time. You are suppose to get a race close to the scheduled amount not the published amount plus a 10 min lap.