2013 - Bannock Criterium


Sunday, August 4, 2013



45's winner

Anybody else curious about the winner of the 45's? This guy won the same way a couple of years ago and then we all know what happened after that. Attack on the first lap and hold it for the entire race. Hmmm.


Dude put the hurt on from the first corner. Everyone chased. Everyone raced hard. When you can hit every corner pedaling and with no braking and the pack, no matter how smooth, can't do that, a solo can happen.

Fantastic ride

We chased hard and Todd had some outstanding blocking from his teammate Larry. In fact, Larry maybe had the toughest job in the race. Todd timed his attack perfectly and got a big gap right away, such that quite a few people didn't realize he was off the front immediately. Todd is a solid rider despite his sorted past (which I've actually talked to him directly about). I'd probably have the most to beef about here if you look at the placings Bannock was just an all out great race and I'm inspired that Todd was able to pull off that ride. That race is well run, a great course and a super experience every year.


Todd might save kittens from drowning in his free time, but doping to win an amateur masters race is hard to come back from and a stigma he'll have to live with as long as he races. If he's cool with that, I'm cool with my low opinion of the guy.


Thanks for the correction. I also omitted a period. I will say that the doping thing used to bug me more but as a masters guy, it's first and foremost about riding the best race I can do and not about what others may or may not do. Todd's a nice guy. He also stopped and stayed with me after a particularly bad crash last August. I talked with him about the doping issue to his face. I prefer to err on the side of figuring he's not making the same bad choices again and leave it at that. I also prefer not to make anonymous comments about people.

Todd R

Well put Adam. It was a hard race. And you captured the flag, well the second place flag. You talked to the man directly. Kudos. If others still have a burr under their saddle regarding Todd or his results, they should spend a few minutes with the man.

todd R

What some of you clowns are overlooking is the fact that TR gets tested a lot. When you go positive, they watch you pretty damn closely. Bannock was a pretty mellow pace, and it was a perfect course for Todd to get away on. By the way, anonymous posting is for Psssys

I'm just sayin...

So first of all, I heard a rumor that he was in East Germany for a few months this summer. And you know what they do over there (other than eat their own young)...Nope, wait a second, that would have been really tough. As someone who was in the USADA testing pool (yes, just like Lance), he had to tell them his whereabouts every single day and he had multiple "surprise" tests. And yes you can confirm on the USADA website and you will see that he is one of the most tested athlete (other than a couple of ProTour guys) in Colorado. So what you all must be saying is that the USADA peeps are dunderheads and had mistakenly taken blood and urine from Todd's farm animal instead of him. Yep, I can see how that could happen.

And thanks to Adam and cwals who decided not to post "anonymous". Todd is a good guy who just happens to much faster than most of us. HIs little teammate, not so much. I hear he tried to stab someone with the crankarm off his bike.

Todd and I will be at the upcoming races. Feel free to come up and share your thoughts. We are the only two guys in that particular kit so it is not hard to find us. Todd will tell you what to do with your thoughts and his little teammate will be taking the crankarm off his bike. Have a nice day.

So the chatter about the

So the chatter about the Niwot win last year or the comment that USADA would has not wasted any more money since '11 does not apply? Know any other Masters racer tested anything close to 5 times??

This is ridiculous how this plays out. I do not care what Todd does. What are his results. Whether or not he sucked off a baby calf to get himself busted or nursed off of Lances nips, he paid his price and has moved on. Put this much energy into your own training and maybe you can too win a race. He won 1 race this year. Big f'ing deal.

Nice Response Larry

Seriously I don't know what I think about TR's past, but then again I've never spoken with him about it and so why the hell would I have any business commenting? I'm glad to see him back out there and glad to see both he & Larry kicking ass again.

If you internet tough-guys have a problem with someone, talk to them directly. Solve it. Be ready for whatever comes back at you or keep your mouths shut. Hiding behind anonymity to rip someone is so cowardly. Grow a pair.

And Kris - hasn't this gone far enough? There's no journalistic integrity in allowing anonymous comments directed against an individual.