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Who We Are
We are a bunch of coders spread across a number of cross-functional Agile teams building cool stuff!

Software engineers, QA testers, designers, and managers all share a large common space and share a common vision of clean, pragmatic code with a clear goal to help athletes train better! Most of us are competitive athletes of some kind who are passionate about their training and training tools, make heavy use of the TrainingPeaks applications, and bring that experience into their job. Weekly group rides or powerlifting sessions in our Pain Cave (tm) are a common way to release stress and refresh our creativity.

We have a large amount of legacy code and technical debt which we all dislike yet we are dealing with: refactoring and unit testing are daily practices and each one of us is passionate about fixing broken windows as they're found. New features are often pair-programmed and almost always include full automated test coverage. At the same time, our manager and leaders constantly strive to balance technical debt with the pragmatism of an agile process. We started down the Scrum path earlier this year, and some of our teams have slowly evolved towards Kanban and pull-based Lean methods. Teams love the level of communication of daily standups and weekly process reviews, and each developer is deeply motivated to constantly improve their daily workflow.

We are all intensely focused on delivering a long-awaited HTML5 rewrite of our flagship application and we are extremely excited to be working on a brand-new JavaScript and .NET Web API code base, built from scratch around unit testing, automated integration testing, and continous integration and delivery strategies.

Who You Are

Do you live and breathe JavaScript? Do you love JavaScript's powerful functional paradigm, Backbone and Underscore, maybe have even dabbled with reactive programming (Bacon.js)? Are you extremely passionate about clean code, refactoring, and agile processes? Then you should definitely apply for this position!

Desired skillset:
- Bachelors in Computer Science or equivalent Sciences/Math/Engineering degree, OR equivalent experience.
- Very advanced JavaScript knowledge and web development experience, with advanced understanding of the - JavaScript language itself and extensive experience with at least one client-side MVC framework (we use Backbone.js!). Preferred, but optional: at least some HTML, CSS/SCSS experience.
- Experience with at least one of the following JavaScript & Front-End related technologies: jQuery, Underscore.js, Grunt.js, Jasmine, Selenium, Require.js, Backbone.Marionette.js, Handlebars template engine, Flot graphing engine, a variety of browsers & their pecularities, LESS and/or SASS
- Optionally experience with one of the following technologies: C#, .NET, SQL Server, nHibernate, MongoDB, Redis, Web API, Git & GitHub, TeamCity CI, AWS, JavaScript, HTML5, REST services, Selenium, nUnit, IOC.
- Very advanced knowledge of OOD, common OO practices, and Design Patterns (as applicable to JavaScript)
- Strong passion for problem solving and for constantly evolving technologies and software development methods. We want you to become part of our Culture of Knowledge!

The approximate duties of this position include:
- Implement brand new Front-End features in our single page app using JavaScript within the Backbone.js framework and pairing with other Front-End developers, coordinating API endpoints with our back-end developers, and implementing corresponding Jasmine unit tests.
- Help maintain and improve our TeamCity continuous integration process.
- Cowork with back-end developers by sharing OO skills and learning C# and the .NET Web API code-base
- Regularly learn new technologies, libraries, skills that might apply to our environments, and mentor junior developers on existing and new methodologies.
- Understand our software process and continously strive to improve it by actively participating in daily stand ups and weekly retros/process reviews.

JavaScript Developer - TrainingPeaks

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