Part­Time Fleet Technician Job Description - Boulder Bcycle

Boulder B­cycle is seeking a part­time fleet technician to assist in the daily operation of Boulder’s nonprofit bike­sharing system. The seasonal part­time fleet technician will primarily be responsible for the repair and maintenance of bicycles in the Boulder B­cycle fleet, the delivery of B­cycles to stations throughout Boulder, and the troubleshooting and basic maintenance of stations. Applicants for this position should have at least basic bicycle mechanic skills, a valid driver’s license and good driving record, strong customer service skills, and be able to work alone to accomplish an assigned set of tasks.

● B­cycle maintenance
○ Perform basic bicycle maintenance
■ Inflate tires
■ Change flats
■ Lubricate chains, etc.
■ Adjust brakes and shifters
○ Complete the above maintenance in public, potentially under public scrutiny
○ Work under the direction of the Fleet Manager and Operations Manager
● System maintenance
○ Relocate B­cycles between stations using a pickup truck and electric­assist bicycle and trailer
○ Monitor station performance the B­cycle database
○ Make minor repairs or adjustments of hardware inside B­cycle stations
● Other
○ Perform informal customer service while maintaining stations and bikes
○ Attend events to present information about Boulder B­cycle

In order to execute the responsibilities of the Part­Time Fleet Technician, applicants should:
● Possess at least basic bike mechanic skills (specified above)
● Be able to repeatedly lift bicycles weighing 50 pounds to a height of no less than 36”
● Be able to work while standing for extended periods
● Be able to work outdoors in inclement (rain, wind, snow) weather
● Have a solid working knowledge of Boulder’s layout, streets, and geography
● Have the skill to drive and park a pickup truck in traffic in a safe and prudent manner
● Feel comfortable and safe riding an electric­assist bicycle towing a heavy trailer
● Be able to analyze system needs based on real­time web based reporting, anticipate short­term needs of the system, and distribute the bikes accordingly

This position is seasonal (June­October), part­time (10­20 hours per week, including weekends), and is paid
hourly at $13. To apply, please email your interest and qualifications to by 4pm
Wednesday, 22 May 2013. Boulder B­cycle will notify all applicants on the progress of the hiring process on May 24 2013.

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