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Introducing our 2013 Homegrown Colorado Cycling jersey made with one of our favorite local growing custom cycling clothing company, Alchemist. Every year we work with our clothing designers to make a design where riders can say, "this represents where I ride". Our first jersey we made was with Panache, and one I still really love, had a map of the Boulder/Denver area watermarked on the jersey. Now, time warp to today, our 2013 jersey has all of your favorite bike routes in the Boulder/Denver area watermarked on the front and the Colorado flag on the sleeves and pockets. Why wear some euro team jersey when you can get one that stands behind where you ride, locally! But we went further this year to not only make the design feel local but we choose to go with a jersey that was made in the USA (extremely rare), and extremely green friendly construction. This jersey is by far the best quality constructed jersey we have ever made, looks pro and feels like a skin suit. Get yours today!

Why Alchemist? Customer care and common good company culture match. Having been in the cycling world for years, I have always been amazed at the terrible customer support many of the teams I have been a part of have received. Slow communication, much later than promised and little desire to be a part of the design process. I'd have to say all previous non-local companies have been disappointing. In today's world of Google Drive, email, texting and such working with a company remotely should not be a big deal, but it is and having that local "go-to" company to sit down and talk with you about your jersey, budget and design is crucial. Never underestimate the power of working local!

So why does founder, Jeff Wu use Homegrown as one of their premier product lines? Here is what Jeff has to say.
"We were underwhelmed by the homogenous, and frankly, plasticized clothing available for dedicated cyclists. As a community, cyclists almost universally strive for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. So why had no major apparel manufacturer stepped up and offered a sustainable product? It bothered me, and it became a rather singular goal of mine--to create responsible apparel that is made domestically in the U.S.A. All this while maintaining top-shelf performance and style. I initially wanted to call it "The Trifecta", but my lovely wife shot that down, rightfully so. So that's how HOMEGROWN was born."

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In addition to a great design that really represents there are a handful of technical reasons why you should have this jersey.

  • Jersey is 88% recycled poly. Made from recycled plastic bottles.
  • The feel of the fabric was described by a customer as "like riding in 10,000 thread count sheets". Really smooth.
  • Fabric is made in the USA.
  • Jersey is assembled in the USA.
  • Manufacturing facility employees have full benefits and retirement plan
  • Manufacturing facility and Alchemist Headquarters are both solar powered
  • Honestly, the flatlock stitching is some of the best I've seen. I think we are offering a really high quality garment.

But don't take our word for it, read the recent review Velonews wrote on the Alchemist new Homegrown line

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