Rocky Mountain Collegiate Cycling Conference Director - USA Cycling

Summary: This is an unpaid volunteer position, assigned by location with an operating budget provided by USA Cycling for the administration of Collegiate Cycling within the Conference. Volunteer must possess high levels of customer service, managerial skills, and motivation with the desire to develop the program. Pre-existing working knowledge of collegiate race promotion, rules, scoring, and rankings, in all disciplines of cycling, is also necessary. The ability to work cohesively as part of a team, manage volunteers, and delegate responsibilities as appropriate is a must. Above all, a passion for the sport of cycling and for collegiate cycling in particular is essential to success in this position.

Ideally this position will be divided between at least two individuals: a Conference Director and an Assistant Conference Director. Some duties will be handled exclusively by the Conference Director, some by the Assistant Director, and others will be shared between the two positions. How these duties are divided between the positions (whether by season or by duty, etc) is flexible and can be determined by the successful candidate(s). Some duties can also be delegated to additional individuals (i.e. conference communications manager, webmaster, results coordinator, etc).

USA Cycling provides:
- Annual operating budget for reimbursement of basic administrative expenses and travel to some conference races.
- Medals and trophies for conference championships
- Annual USA Cycling membership (racing and/or officiating license)

Basic Responsibilities:
- Coordinate conference season schedules
- Coordinate conference omnium rankings for each race and event
- Manage collegiate upgrade requests
- Manage National Championship qualifications
- Manage conference website and e-mail listserv(s)
- Administer conference rules and regulations, so long as they do not supplant those of USA Cycling
- Act as first point of contact for USA Cycling collegiate membership issues and pass along to USA Cycling staff wherever appropriate
- Maintain communication with USA Cycling staff to assist in the development of the collegiate program and refinement of rules
- Host conference meetings for team leaders to discuss conference rules, issues, schedules, and provide leadership training when possible
- Coordinate volunteers (e.g. results, clinics, media/pr, other positions as necessary)
- Attend annual Collegiate Conference Director Summit in Colorado Springs and regular conference calls with other Conference Directors

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