Managing Director - Community Cycles

Community Cycles is a vibrant, dynamic non-profit organization dedicated to building a better Boulder by bicycle. We have been serving the Boulder community for over eight years, getting more people on bikes, and making biking better and safer in our community. We are seeking an experienced Managing Director to join our organization and help us grow, thrive, and maximize our opportunities.

The Managing Director will report to the Board of Directors, and will lead the organization in cooperation with the Advocacy Director, ensuring that the organization consistently achieves its mission, and its programmatic, administrative, and financial objectives. We work collaboratively to realize the goals of the organization.

Collaborative Leadership
- Comfortable with a cooperative leadership model, with excellent communication skills and successful experience with shared leadership
- Able to develop a long-range strategic plan with the Board of Directors and the senior leadership team.
- Embodies and articulates the heart of our vision, and mission; leads the staff and organization in achieving our mission, and our annual goals and objectives
- Supports the leadership team in developing programmatic, organizational, and financial plans.

Passion for Mission
- Ability to translate mission into action items
- Knowledge of the organization’s client base and stakeholders
- Compelling way of engaging business, government and other nonprofits in valuable partnerships
- Knows how to market and brand the organization to create interest in the mission and in sponsorship opportunities

Strategic Planning & Decision Making
- Provide leadership in developing programmatic, organizational, and financial plans
- Strong analytical and critical thinking skills
- Reliance on data to make key decisions to ensure organizational wellness
- Ability to conduct both short- and long-term prioritization for the organization
- Knowledge of how to describe key goals so right action follows the decision to make a goal a priority
- Ensure that the organization has a long-range strategy which achieves its mission, and toward which it makes consistent and timely progress.

Fundraising and Resource Generation
- Prior fundraising success. Knowledge of and participation in: grant procurement; capital campaigns; individual donor; planned giving; corporate sponsorship and special events
- Development, including capital campaign, large donor fundraising, and foundation grants.
- Basic understanding of how to build a strong financial platform for the organization
- Knows how to internally and externally report the financial status of the organization to avoid crisis situation and build trust
- Entrepreneurial, able to support and oversee our social venture in retail bike shop sales and services
- Able to build a strong fundraising plan, understanding resource requirements, establishing strategies to approach funders, submitting proposals, and administering fundraising reports and documentation
- Experience with building a membership organization

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