Winter Bike to Work Day & Happy Hour with 303 & GirlBikeLove

Dust off those commuter bikes because in this Global Warming winter you can ride year round and we want you to prove it to your neighbors by joining others this next Wednesday for Winter Bike to Work Day. Winter Bike to work day just like Summer Bike to work day but it's in um, the Winter. There will be breakfast stations around Boulder and best of all a Happy Hour at Reubens in Boulder hosted by and 303Cycling! For everyone who rode a bike there they will offer 1/2 off all draft beer, all wine, all cocktails, and all appetizers from 3-6. And better yet, they have a bike parking coral for us.

But riding in winter is only for racers and die-hards, right?
WRONG It is the die-hards who ride when the blizzard is actively happening or the wind speed is higher than the temperature, those are the die-hards. For the other 80% of the winter that's you and me. Riding to pick up your kids after school, riding to work, or just riding with no destination in mind. Cycling is a 300 days a year activity, you just have to choose which 300 days you want to be active in.

How to Commute By Bike in Winter?
There are a lot of opinions and mine is, keep it simple. Maybe riding to work is out of the question, fine, what about the other 50% of your driving trips. Bicycle Colorado has some tips for riding in the winter and here are the highlights.

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