Tommy D's Thanksgiving ride returns this year

Learn about last year's Tommy D Thanksgiving Ride


Last year's Thanksgiving Ride with Tom Danielson was a huge success and really a true sign of kindness and giving back by one of Boulder's most visible pro riders. And this year Tom Danielson will bring it back.

The 2nd Annual Tommy D’s Thanksgiving Ride for Juniors is going to be a bit different this year: it will all be on Tommy’s property with some obstacles like ramps, etc. There will be the opportunity for some timed time trials as well as just riding the challenging circuit.

And of course, the Strider course will be set up for the kids not ready to tackle the bigger obstacles!

Some highlights:

Skratch Labs will be onsite with Oatmeal – Yum!
Prizes from Giro
Lots of yummy goodies
You can order a t-shirt (this way everyone gets the right size!)
Great way to stay out of the way of those that are cooking Thanksgiving Dinner
Learn fun bike handling tricks from Tommy D!
Registration is free except for parents who will be participating on a bike and there is a nominal charge of $5 for them!

Parking at Boulder Reservoir – exact address will be sent on Wednesday, November 21st.
Pre-Registration Required (or very seriously encouraged so we have enough pie!)

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Nice commnets from the brave Anonymous!

Nice comments from the brave Anonymous!

Regardless of Tommy D's past, he is doing something pretty damn nice for kids on Thanksgiving. I don't see any Bronco, Rockies, Avalanche or Nuggets players inviting complete strangers to their homes to participate in the sport they are paid to play, especially on a holiday. When I asked my daughter if she wanted to for a ride with one of the guys she watched in the Tour this summer on TV she nearly hit the ceiling with excitement.

Thank you Tommy D for spending part of your holiday with the future of cycling.