Nicole Duke wins cyclocross season openner and Krugoff wins a contract*

Yesterday in Park City Utah the Cyclocross community got a glimpse into how the first months of racing might shake out and how their training has paid off this year. But the race for some top racers had a twist to it.


With this race acting as more of a training race for the top guns, the story we were all following was the Race For A Contract. Raleigh/ Clement offered up two team sports for the first Male and Female finisher "without contract."

Again, according to our local star, Nicole Duke took the victory on the women's side of the race yet it is unclear if she won or was simply just the highest place no-contract racer... more to come later from

*On the men's side apparently things aren't so clear, from

On the other hand, the Men's contract winner is not so clear. It seems there are different interpretations of just who qualifies for the available team spot. Allen Krughoff finished 5th and many believe he is the deserving recipient of the "best without contract" prize. However, 3rd place finisher, and former World Championship Silver medalist, Jonathan Page, looks to also be in the running.

Allen Krugoff is from Boulder.

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Contract or no contract?

Page HAS a contract with Blue Cycles, so he is technically with a contract as well as with some other sponsors that have been ongoing over the last few years. I believe he would have to CANCEL his sponsorship contract with Blue first, but then he would not be a rider without a contract. We all know who should get the contract....