7-11 Velodrome Racing starts May 22nd

The 7-11 Velodrome is open and racing begins tomorrow! Here is what you need to know if you are considering going down to the Springs to race tomorrow or any time this summer

2012 Velodrome Racing & Training hours

- Sat & Sun from 9am to 3pm (April)
- Sat & Sun from 8am to 2pm (May-Sept)
- Tue & Thur from 12 noon to 5pm (race warmup from 5pm-7pm)
- Racing starts at 7pm on Tue May 22nd and Thur May 24th

From the Colorado Velodrome Assoication Facebook page.

Track season officially begins tomorrow evening! This year, the CVA has become part of ACA, so there are no longer two different membership fees. You must be a member of ACA in order to receive the reduced racing rates. You also must bring proof with you that you have joined ACA, as we do not have access to the ACA database and cannot confirm whether or not you are a member. Registration opens tomorrow at 6, everyone will need to fill out a USAC release, so if you would like to save some time, go to USAC's website, print off and bring it with you. All categories, all ages tomorrow night! Hope to see you there!

For more information on track racing at the 7-11 track in Colorado Springs check out Colorado Velodrome Association website.

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