2012 Colorado Hill Climb Series

Can you climb like you have 100 helium ballons attached to your bike? Does the mountain draw you in like Julie Andrews on a bright and sunny day? Well check this out!

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I love the idea of a Hill

I love the idea of a Hill Climb series, to bad this is only for the Elite Groups. I don't know anybody aiming for the RMRC because it is every race over 6 months.
I think Mt. Evans isn't in this because they use Active.com for registration. All of these races use PreRace.com

Its a promotion. Prerace put

Its a promotion. Prerace put up a $1000 dollars to co-promote the "lesser" hill climbs. Evans gets 1200 people they dont need any help with promotion. The other hillclmbs get like 300. It may not drive a ton of extra attendence but it is something, unfortunately they cant afford to fund every category. How about a thank you to prerace for what they can do.