Changes coming to Colorado Cross Cup this year

Changes are coming to this years Cross Cup. If you chase points then this is a story you don't want to miss out on. Read the details in the new 2012 Colorado Cross Cup Policy and hear it from the man himself, Chris Mcgee below

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News Item: 


All 7 BR/WOL Races Bronze Level?

BRAC - Will all the Boulder Racing/Without Limits Cross Races be Bronze level just because they are not using the ACA Timing Chips? Those are some of the best run races with some of the best courses with some of the largest fields. Seems like a no-brainer that most of them would be Gold and Silver level!

Don't think so

The policy says they have to use a chip timing system, not that it has to be the ACA system.

But does anyone know where we can find the designations for this fall? I know the ACA already has made them, but can't find them anywhere on the website.

Thank you BR/WOL

It's BR/WOL that's been pushing and leading the way for a more "free-market" chip timing system. Lot's of promoters have been upping the game, but I thank BR/WOL for leading the charge these past few seasons. Change doesn't happen overnight, but every year the CX season gets better and better in Colorado.

Changing times!

Hey are you sick of having two licenses? Do you want to invite frieds and racers from outside of CO to come race here and not have to deal with additional costs. Do you want to grow races in CO by having them turn into national caliber events? Have you been to the USA Cyling results page? Have you seen your biggest competition/ who your prey is?

Are you willing to volunteer some of your time to help grow our sport in CO?

Lets do some hard thinking about the details/ fee schedule and set up of BRAC and build on the great races we have here and bring what we have to the rest of the country.

"So much goes right".

Wow. Exciting changes coming up for cx season. Obviously, we don't always see or even think about what goes on behind the scenes. It was interesting to hear the background of how a season's calendar is decided. There are clearly some great efforts going on to spread out race locations and designations. The option to use the timing system is also a nice plus.

As the road season closes and cx starts, I'd love if we could all remember my favorite phrase of the interview, "So much goes right at every event". Racers, let's all take a minute to THANK the volunteers and promoters at each and every race we do.

I plan on getting dirty when I race cx this Fall, but keeping my comments clean and happy.