Thursday is Walk or Bike to School Day!

As we move into Springtime some schools across the Front Range are continuing to encourage children to tell their parents no to being driven to school and yes to walking or biking to school. Tomorrow, April 19th Boulder Valley School District is having their Walk or Bike to school Day. Our very own govenor of Colorado as shown strong support for getting gets out on their feet and bikes to get to school. Earlier this week the DenverPost ran an article about Lessons abound for parent and child on the bike ride to school which is about a parents experience of biking with their child to school nearly every day.

Take the time this spring and please participate in your child's Walk or Bike to school program and if your school doesn't have one, start it! Most likely your school district has resouces available to get started and if they are that lame that they don't the state & federal does and Bicycle Colorado can also help you out some as well.

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