Breck Epic Racers curse Mother Nature as they Finish Stage 2

The Breck Epic Mountain Bike Stage Race is currently underway and riders are being faced with conditions much different from years past pushing the riders to their limits. Jeff Wu gives us some insight into Stage 2 and Mountain Flyers explains Stage 1 and here is what Stage 3 will throw at the racers

From Team Alchemist Leader Jeff Wu

Perhaps we should consider ourselves blessed that this race has had perfect conditions the last 3 years. Or perhaps we’ve been working on credit all this time. But when you do business with a loan shark, payback’s a’comin’, one way or another. And we got all paid up today, and then some.

Breck Epic Number Plate. The number you are given
approximates the number of four letter words you
are likely to fire off during any given stage.

Conceived nearly a decade ago, and delivered in 2008, the Breck Epic is the premier ultra-endurance mountain bike stage race in the U.S., and arguably, North America. 90% of the race takes place over 10,000?, with a sizable chunk above 12,000?. But the thin air isn’t the only feature that makes this race special. It boasts more singletrack riding than the Trans Alps, Cape Epic, and Trans Rockies — combined. Another unique feature is that the trails around Breckenridge are so abundant and scenic, that each stage not only has it’s own distinctive flavor, but they also all begin, and end, in town. So if you aren’t the camping, migratory, gypsy type (read, author is not that type), you can set up your race headquarters in any nearby condo, sleep in a real bed, and avoid any prison-style shower encounters.

So, about Stage 2 . . .

The start on Washington St. was a gloomy, drizzly affair, no doubt ready to burn off and become more seasonable by mid-morning. As we made the turn off onto the first climb, Mike was there to greet us. ”Bright blue sky just beyond!”.

His words of encouragement were somehow mitigated by the volunteer standing next to him. ”It’s going to f**king pour.”

Somewhere in between was certain to lie the truth. The drizzle became a steady rain, which at times, became a downpour. It was only made tolerable by the fact that the first couple climbs were so intense that you may as well have been wet from sweat. But as we crested Vomit Hill (yes, there is a Vomit Hill, and I imagine you can guess why it is so named), I realized that the impending gravity-hungry descent was going to be, chilly. It only got colder from there.

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