Construction on Popular Boulder bike Routes - What you need to know!

From Boulder County Transportation

Neva Road Open – remains unpaved for next two weeks.

Construction continues on the Neva/Niwot Shoulder project. Daytime closures of Neva Road are over for the time being, but a large section of the road remains unpaved so cyclists should use caution and expect significant delays through November. Reply to this email for updates.

Apple Valley Road Bridge CLOSED – Sept 18 to Oct 15

Apple Valley Bridge over St Vrain Creek (north of Lyons) will be closed for four weeks to allow Boulder County to replace the bridge deck and other routine maintenance. Access to Apple Valley Road and the Antelope Trailhead is available from the south entrance to Apple Valley Road (closer to Lyons).

Baseline Repaving, 76th Street to Lafayette – Sept 24 to Sept 29

Boulder County will be repaving Baseline Road between 76th Street and the City of Lafayette the week of September 24 including Saturday, September 29. Cyclists should expect to encounter paving equipment and significant delay during daytime hours.

Highway 119 Intersections Construction (Jay Road and Niwot Road)

CDOT will be reconstructing two intersections along the Diagonal Highway (Hwy 119) between Longmont and Boulder this winter. Once complete, the new intersections will include improved bicycle and pedestrian connections across the highway, including a westbound bike lane for bikes turning left onto the Diagonal Highway.

Work is expected to start in the next three weeks and continue through April 1, 2013. Cyclists will be able to get through but are likely to encounter construction activity, significant delays and at least one period of closure. Construction contact info and any closure information will be posted to this email list once available.

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Diagonal at Jay Rd

I drive Diagonal from Longmont to Boulder almost every day and see the prairie dog colony that lives on the median. I have also observed on a consistent basis the hawks that nest nearby and hunt in that vicinity, as well as coyotes on several occasions. That small parcel of habitat is now covered in stakes so obviously something is going to happen there. But what is going to happen to the prairie dogs? Are they going to be gassed? Buried alive? Relocated?