Battle of the Bear

May 19th,
Bear Creek Park, Morrison

From the Promotor

Well, you win some, you lose some!

Thank you to everyone who came out and tried to race today.We waited as long as we could to make the decision about tomorrow in hopes the trails would dry for good conditions to race on, but in good stewardship of the trails we respect, we have to pull the plug on using them tomorrow. They may very well dry enough for a good ride tomorrow afternoon, but a morning race would be too risky. And we want our customers to be able to plan the rest of their weekend with a definitive schedule.

So get out and enjoy your Sunday, it looks to be beautiful. There is a great MSC race in Salida, and I got word from the promoter that you can enter the XC t omorrow morning.We will reschedule the Battle Race, and let you know what good dates we come up with that will allow most of you to participate.

Of course we will refund any entry fees for those who cannot make the reschedule date.

See you in July, if not sooner, for the Breckenridge 100 races on July 15th.

All the best until then, and please stay in touch.

RME Race Crew



While it was a good decision

While it was a good decision to not run it on Sunday, but perhaps they should have considered not starting it on Saturday as well. They started all the morning waves in a drizzle and had black clouds looming on the horizon. 5-15 minutes after a hundred+ racers started, the rain really hit while they were all on course. So the trails were destroyed anyway. Yes, they decided not to destroy the trails any further on Sunday, but they did a lot of damage on Saturday, making the decision to race even though most forecasts called for heavy rain that morning.

"5-15 minutes after a

"5-15 minutes after a hundred+ racers started, the rain really hit while they were all on course."

If you said before, rather than "after" you would have a point.

Gotta disagree. The trails at

Gotta disagree. The trails at Bear Creek don't handle moisture well to begin with and it WAS raining lightly as they were starting the first wave. There was no chance that they'd make it through the day without getting too much rain to continue.

Try racing a road bike event

Hey, if you all want to enjoy high speed racing in the rain and have minimal chance of an event getting called due to weather, try a springtime criterium. The one last Saturday was particularly awesome for most of the categories!

Sorry, just had to poke back...