Rocky Mountain Road Cup celebration, awards and silent auction

It's time to celebrate the 2012 Rocky Mountain Road Cup with a big party, awards presentation and silent auction at The Ragin' Roadies Road Cup Party!

Where: American Mountaineering Center, 710 10th Street, Golden, Colorado
When: 5:30 - 9:00 p.m. September 22 2012
What: Pizza from Basil Docs, beer from the Great Divide, munchies and more... "beer tending" by the Naked Team (yeah, that's right!). Top it off with a scoop from the Ice Cream Bike!
What else: Terrific door drawing prizes. A great movie, Triplets of Belleville, will be shown upstairs for the juniors.
How Much: Entry to the Party is FREE. Bring the family!
Benefiting: The ACA's Junior Development Program and our Beginner Women's Programs.
Dress: Casual! So if you're riding cross at Xilinx that day, come on down after the race.

What kind of stuff is in the auction?

- Race entry certificates, including the Karen Hornbostel Memorial TT Series at Cherry Creek

- Entry certificate to the 2013 Moab Skinny Tire festival, plus a five-day condo stay for the event

- Four Bronco tickets to the December 30th game against KC (thank you, Colorado Bike Law!)

- Restaurant certificate to Reuben's Burger Bistro, the "go-to" spot for Boulder cyclists

- Skratch Labs products, plus a signed Feed Zone cookbook

- The Wingspan Time Trial Helmet from Rudy Project

- Gozen Sunglasses from Rudy Project

- A fully custom cycling kit from Pactimo

- Professional bike fits and a lactate threshold test from Retul, Peak Cycles, the Denver Fit Loft, and the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine

- Signed jerseys, bike equipment and more from local pros

- Many more great items!

- And best of all...a ride in Boulder with Timmy Duggan and Alex Howes - priceless! It's only $10 to get your chance to win this ride of a lifetime!

Cross riders may be rowdy, but the roadies will be ragin'!

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