2012 - US36 Bikeway - Louisville Alignment Meeting

US36 Bikeway - Louisville Alignment Meeting

Wednesday, October 10
6:30 to 7:30 pm at the Louisville Rec Center

The City of Louisville is hosting a public open house for the public to review and comment on a revised proposal for the alignment of the US36 Bikeway through Louisville (see below).

This new alignment if adopted, will take the Bikeway away from the highway and follow Dyer Road and Dillon Road before joining back up with US36 at Coal Creek Drive. This new alignment is more direct for cyclists traveling through Louisville and avoids the US36/McCaslin Interchange which may be difficult to get through once it’s reconfigured for the new highway. However it does take the concrete path away from the highway and through commercial areas.

The city is also proposing a new pedestrian underpass that will connect the new US36 Bikeway with Highway 170 (Marshall Drive) just east of Davidson Mesa.

Construction of the US36 Bikeway from Boulder to Broomfield is scheduled to be part of “Phase II” of the US36 Express Lanes / Bus Rapid Transit Project, scheduled to begin construction late next year and be completed in 2015.

City, County, and CDOT staff will be available to answer questions about the Bikeway, and/or the proposed alignment and underpass. We are very interested in hearing your perspective! For more information go to http://www.louisvilleco.gov/