Tuesday Race Series Begins at Boulder's Valmont Bike Park


From the Daily Camera:

Tuesday race series begins at Boulder's Valmont Bike Park

Dual slalom races a way to 'reach out to the community'
Around here, there aren't many places for mountain bikers to race dual slalom -- a head-to-head form of racing in which two cyclists rip down winding side-by-side dirt tracks.

"In terms of gravity racing, downhill, dual slalom, there's not much on the Front Range," said Joey Schusler, a pro mountain biker and member of the University of Colorado Cycling Team who won the national collegiate downhill and dual slalom races in the fall.

So it's nice that a dual slalom series will start up at the Valmont Bike Park on Tuesday, Schusler said.

For the next four Tuesdays, the city and Boulder Mountainbike Alliance will host a new series of evening races on the park's dual slalom course, a pair of tracks that wind down from the hill in the center of the park.

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