Todd Robertson - 15-Month Doping Suspension

This just in. Trying to get more information but it looks like a local master rider has been caught doping. This is form the USADA website:

US Cycling Athlete Accepts Sanction For Anti-Doping Rule Violation

March 30, 2012
USADA announced today that Todd Robertson of Boulder, Colo., an athlete in the sport of cycling, has accepted a 15 month suspension for an anti-doping rule violation and his competitive results from November 1, 2009, have been disqualified.

Robertson, 49, tested positive for a banned oxygen-enhancing peptide hormone as the result of a sample collected as part of USADA’s Out of Competition Testing Program on February 11, 2011. Oxygen-Enhancing Peptide Hormones are prohibited under the USADA Protocol for Olympic and Paralympic Movement Testing and the International Cycling Union (UCI) Anti-Doping Rules, both of which have adopted the World Anti-Doping Code.

Robertson’s 15 month period of ineligibility was reduced from the standard two-year period based on his providing Substantial Assistance under article 10.5.3 of the World Anti-Doping Code. Robertson began serving his sanction on February 14, 2011, while continuing to cooperate with USADA. As a result of the sanction, Robertson is also disqualified from all competitive results obtained on or subsequent to November 1, 2009, the date of his first use according to his admissions during the course of USADA’s investigation, including forfeiture of any medals, points, and prizes.

In an effort to aid athletes, as well as all support team members such as parents and coaches, in understanding the rules applicable to them, USADA provides comprehensive instruction on its website on the testing process and prohibited substances, how to obtain permission to use a necessary medication, and the risks and dangers of taking supplements as well as performance-enhancing and recreational drugs. In addition, the agency manages a drug reference hotline, Drug Reference Online (, conducts educational sessions with National Governing Bodies and their athletes, and proactively distributes a multitude of educational materials, such as the Prohibited List, easy-reference wallet cards, periodic newsletters, and protocol and policy reference documentation.

USADA is responsible for the testing and results management process for athletes in the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Movement, and is equally dedicated to preserving the integrity of sport through research initiatives and educational programs.

What is interesting is this poll we did in May 2011. Check out this comment


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National Humiliation

Fair warning to anyone who even thinks about doping, I notice that within hours of this story breaking it's being reported in major new outlets from CNN to the Washington Post.

Is the potential for national humiliation really worth moving up a few placings in the local business park crit?

TR was/is a nice guy. I raced

TR was/is a nice guy. I raced against him many times in the 3s, and he was pretty strong and pretty normal, until he wasn't. Bannock 2009 to be exact: he attacked on the second lap and soloed the race, winning by half a lap. Some of us knew then.

Steven - guess you won that race?

His (former?) teammates are standup, hardworking, ready-to-suffer guys. I count at least one of them as a close racing friend. Sucks for everyone.

November 2009? Whatever. I hope it was worth it. More importantly, I hope you gave everyone up.


Why does it take a year?

Let me get this straight:

Feb 11, 2011 Positive sample given
Feb 14, 2011 Sanction started (assuming he admitted guilt immediately)
March 30, 2012 Made public by USADA over one year later
May 15, 2012 This guy races again

WTH? Does the USADA really need over a year to go public with this? After all, the hit to this guy's reputation is the most severe sanction he's getting. Why not announce it immediately and investigate at the same time? Someone please explain this to me.

Also weird how his sanction lasts almost exactly as long as he admittedly doped - 15 months (Nov. 1, 2009 to Feb. 2011). IMHO if you admit to cheating that long, you should be banned for life, even if you rat out your fellow dopers to the authorities.

YES, why a year?! & Coffee Talk Tuesday

This is my number #1 frustration with the doping process we are dealing with in the amateur ranks. To be fair, it sounds like he was working with them to get a reduced sentence so that might have taken some time.


How long has USADA had Joe Papp's list? Can it really be true that only 1 cyclist in Colorado was on that list? If that is true I'm so very proud of our state

So he worked with USADA, what information did they get? The provider? A coach? Teammates? Will we find out sometime in 2014?

How many of those on Papp's list even race anymore or will be in 2014 or 2015?

Stay tuned on Tuesday for our "Coffee Talk Tuesday" debate on this topic.