2012 - Superior Morgul Classic


Flora Duffy & Chris Winn win the over all points so they will get invited to race in the USA Pro Cycling Challenge TT in August! Congrats!

Pro Men's Sprint Finish RR





Big Thanks to Town of Superior and Race Promoter

Taking a look at the big picture, result glitches aside, results posted on porta- potties..... I raced on Sunday and was amazed at the number of police on the course, 93 & Marshall Road, Marshall Road & Koppenberg Road...... many more. The road closure on McCaslin from the top of the Hump to the top of the Wall, Full Road usage up the Wall...... FULL LANE down Hwy 93! Wow big thanks to the town of Superior and the promoter. I can not imagine the hours and cost to set this all up. I am sure the costs far exceeded the revenue from entry fees. MANY THANKS from a GRATEFUL RACER to have the opportunity to be able to race this course with so much support, effort, money put into making it happen.

Copy that

Yea, despite some things that could have been improved, I look forward to this event every year, and certainly appreciate the time and effort put forward by the promoter and Superior.


Maybe you people should try a local MB race. Winter Park, RME series etc.They deserve the support and your $$ are not going to USA cycling. Non-sanctioned very well run. You may get dirty and it's a bit harder but it's a great reason to buy another bicycle.
Just sayin

From the Promoter

Thank you to everyone who came out and raced. Thank you to the Town of Superior, US Pro Challenge, volunteers, staff, vendors, and everyone who worked diligently in putting this race together. It was a great weekend of racing, with challenging terrain and weather. While we generally refrain from posting on these blogs I'd just like thank not only those mentioned above, but those who've posted here as well. I won't go into too much detail here, but as racers ourselves and full time promoters we're with you on the course (when not a BR event), and we also strive to be better just as you all do when it comes to bike racing. We will take these comments and suggestions of improvement and implement them into next years event, and upcoming 2012 races. There is no "perfect" race, however we will continue to make changes, simplify things, and keep improving upon the race and the athlete's experience each and every year, and each and every race.
As you saw with the results of Friday's TT there are better ways of using chip timing. We do it at our other non-cycling events, and you will see the same level at our bike racing events no matter what we need to do.
We'll add tie downs to our results board so windy conditions won't prevent us from putting it up. We'll find a way to put up the arch at the TT no matter what the wind does, and we'll continue to strive to give you the best races in the state no matter what it takes. That's our promise and you can hold us to it. Please feel free to come talk to us and give us suggestions at events and any time you see us, we welcome them and helps us to give you a better race!

Keep up the great racing and we'll see you on the road!


Boulder Racing

Thanks Tony for a great

Thanks Tony for a great positive response, putting on a 3 day event one time a year is challenging getting all the details right. I would suggest next year for the TT either try to close the traffic circle to cars or start the TT where the feedzone was in the RR, and run it out to 93 turn around and back up to the top of the climb before the wall. Putting TT riders at 20 sec intervals into a downhill one lane traffic circle with alot of traffic is just not a good idea. It is dangerous and not equitable to the competitors.

Thank you for the suggestion

Thank you for the suggestion and moving forward our traffic control supervisor has some ideas to help further mitigate issues with the traffic circle. Definitely look for some tweaks and changes in 2013.

Nobody Cares about RMRC

Promoters - Nobody Cares about RMRC - Gold Nuggets, Silver Stars, Bronze Spokes, Blue Diamonds, Green Clovers, Yellow Stars...

It's more important to hire a timing / finish company that can score races quickly and accurately. Both of the Gold Road Races so far have had slow, screwed up results. (Boulder-Roubaix and now Morgul-Bismark)


I race all the time and don't even know what "RMRC" means or any of those stars, nuggets and unicorns. I sign up, race Sunday and go to work on Monday. - we'd really see lower #'s on the race if it was a bronze star instead of a platinum unicorn?? Enlighten me please.

Thanks Boulder Racing

Thanks Tony for the very professional response. I appreciate all the work that went into this race, and all the others you do. I thought the race was well run from beginning to end. I can't even imagine the amount of work it takes to close ANY of those roads to auto traffic. Kudos. Looking forward to Horgan, see you there.

SM35+4 crash

Has anyone heard news about the guy that crashed on the downhill section of 93 (1st lap). Unbelievable amount of blood an clearly unconscious. It looked really bad.

I want to respect his

I want to respect his family's privacy but appreciate the concern. He was heli'ed out to the closest trauma center with a skull fracture. He's doing well but the doctors are being very cautious. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Glad to Hear He is Doing OK

I was running with a group on the trail right above when this accident happened. We heard the crash, but didn't see it. Immediately we looked down and saw the rider down and unconscious.. Susan Nuzam and I aided him and the rest of the group warned racers of a crash below. We have been very worried about him, only knowing his first name. For those of you who know him, please let him know he is in our thoughts.

Nicholas Flores

He's slowly recovering

He spent a day in the UCI with a skull fracture, but has been showing extremely good progress and was moved out of intensive care last night. Aside from the fracture, he's got some road rash but that's about it, which is quite lucky for a 40+ mph crash. The trauma rehab doctor said he will not require any rehab, and his speech and motor skills are all fine. Our teammates visited him in the hospital last night, and he is in good spirits, but remembers nearly nothing about the accident. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts and concerns for him during this endeavor!

Great news

sure he will progress quickly, in my daily prayers, truly puts a perspective on all the "small" stuff people have been whining about, myself included, a huge smack up the head for me about the weekend.

Timing System

The problem is not with the timing system. Like many technologies it is GIGO - garbage in, garbage out.

The Friday TT used one system. It was all on-line pre-registration - no "day of" registration. The start list was clean and there was no chance to mess up the registration.

Saturday and Sunday had "day-of" registration.

The timing system used on Saturday and Sunday is the same one used at Cherry Creek and results are posted throughout the race. Usually, the results are posted on the ACA website by the next morning.

While it is easy to blame "The ACA Timing System", no system can work if there is an incomplete or corrupted start list.

I talked to some riders who

I talked to some riders who had to make late start time changes on Friday night so yes the timing system on Friday apparently had to make changes on the fly, and all without issue. Saturday and Sunday based off pre race e-mails had 95% pre-registration so it couldn't have been that much garbage in.

The registration database was

The registration database was corrupted. Some that were pre-registered for Saturday and Sunday got hosed. The corruption did not affect only the single rider who was registering on raceday, it affected multiple entries.

I've volunteered at registration for several races. It is a challenge to keep the registration straight when adding people, adding rental chip numbers, etc.

The registration system is the main challenge to the overall system working, not the "timing system" portion.

And that happens at Cherry

And that happens at Cherry Creek as well with well over 400 riders. The database is locked down, with a some changes every week. The ACA system delivers results during the race and results are posted.

It is not my intention to say everything is unicorns and rainbows, but a apples to apples comparison is necessary.

Need for accuracy

Patience my fellow racers. I highly doubt anyone has given up on omnium standings, however, after all the banter on this website and I'm sure on Facebook, team websites, etc, etc, the ACA want to get it as close to perfect as possible before posting.

Let's focus on training and our next races - move forward. We'll all get our results and prizes when the dust settles.

I've had the pleasure of

I've had the pleasure of getting to know Lance since Without Limits took over Boulder Racing last year. When he says drastic steps are in action after a last minute switch to a new timing company for Friday's TT I believe him.

110 racers together

I am not sure about the safety of having 110 cyclists racing together in one single lane of road. The SM35+4 and SM45+4 combined to be one mass soon after the neutral start. I wonder if that could have led to the accident of the cyclsit that crashed on the downhill on the backside of the course. There are a lot of people inexperienced in tight group riding like that. What if that cyclist had been thrown into the front of a moving car? Wouldn't it be better to give the SM35+4's a five minute start ahead of the SM45+4 group and not allow the two groups to merge together? It may also be a contributing factor for a very very slow and error filled results. No Omnium results yet but at the same time, the SM45+4 (not sure about the others) results are still wrong.

crashes are going to happen

crashes are going to happen whether it's a 2 man breakaway or a pack of 110+. it is just a fact of racing. last year at prospect, there was a 3 man break in the sm3 race. 2 of the riders were taken out and crashed. that is the risk you take when you sign the liability waiver.

the best thing you can do is always pay attention and don't overlap wheels.

Plenty of room

110 racers? Our roads are huge compared to Europe. Look at some of the towns they go through in the Giro. Most big pro-tour races have ~200 riders on streets the width of a typical bike path in Boulder.

Agreed Cat 4's

Agreed! And by the way who really gives a crap about the 30 or so "pros" (which I thought were in Cali, or Italy, or building up for the TDF somewhere in the Alps or Pyrenees). There were less than 100 people watching that race, and if you are over 30, its probably time to hang up the real pro cyclist dream anyway. The men's 4 category with nearly 200 riders accounted for over a third of the revenue for this race. Which seems way more important to this race's future than any other group out there (and frankly most other CO races too). So why was this group treated like this?...lumped together at 8 am and still no accurate results, wasting time away from families after the race trying to help the race officials straighten out who was who and where they finished - and all for the ridiculous price of this race at $75, for what I am still not sure (just becasue using the old Red Zinger/Coors Classic Mogul Bismark name I guess) as compared to more professional run races at $35.

But you do realize that guys

But you do realize that guys like Taylor Phinney and Tejay Van Garderen raced in the P/1/2 fields in Colorado, right? In case you forgot, Taylor was wearing the Maglia Rosa a couple weeks back. I don't see any reason for you to bag on the pro field in Colorado. Especially as a Cat 4 who will happily hand over any amount of money to be blown off the back of a race.

And unless you were in the top 3 (at which point you know where you placed) why would you wait around for 3 hours to see how you finished? Even when I finish in the top 3, I still just go home to see my family. To each their own, but I'm pretty content with priorities and the racing out here.

Yea, too bad they didn't

Yea, too bad they didn't race.
Becasue they asked if you thought you were in the top five to hang around to verify as they checked the camera.
Probably becasue the old guys have the dough to blow to support these races.
Who really cares about winning a few bucks, a medal or $25 gift certificates, that's not what doing a race or trying to win it is about. Improving fitness, testing yourself and getting your competitve outlet seems more like it. And if you were once a 2 and haven't raced in 15 years you are back to a 5. Hey glad you are higher than a cat 4, just means you ride, actually get to race more often....whoopee....priorites, yea right.

yup. I ride at 4:30 in the

yup. I ride at 4:30 in the morning. b/c i love to race and enjoy it and that's the best way for me to make it happen without impacting my work and family schedule. i probably don't race all that much more often than you do. but when i do show up, i show up to actually race. not get spit out the back. priorities...


Crashes are time-honored traditions in 35 and 45, cat 4 categories. Lap 1-5 in a crit and somewhere in 5-1 to go are favorite places to smack your head on the ground with your buddies. And since most of the best bike handlers are afraid of crits, RRs offer up crashportunities whenever there is 90 degree corner to the right or left, a feedzone, crosswind, uphill, downhill, roundabout, snake in the road, orange cone, a waving child, or God help us a 180 degree change of direction. In between all the blood and bitching, it's a great time to lose some ass-mass.

But not correct

The results used in the omnium calculations do not match the results posted on the ACA website. Specifically, for the SM35/4 criterium. The placings from the crit are different than those used to calculate the omnium.

How does someone that did not

How does someone that did not do one or two of the races, gets to be placed in the Omnium? There is a sizeable difference in skipping the TT and/or Crit and being completely fresh for the road race. The Omnium is about completing all three races. There are names there that I DO know that did not pay for the Omnium. They just paid for one or two races.

No, a stage race scored on

No, a stage race scored on points instead of time, or a stage race scored on time, would be all about finishing all three races. An omnium, by definition, does not require racers to even enter, much less complete, all races. Of course, promoters may require that you pay for all events, but that doesn't mean you have to do them in a true omnium.

SR can be scored by time (for

SR can be scored by time (for GC) or by points, for standings. A SR differs from an omnium in that one requires completion of all stages, and the other does not.

Part of the appeal (for some) of an omnium is figuring out the best way to maximize your points. For example, if you know you can't TT worth a darn, you may just sit that race out to save energy, giving up any chance for a few points, so maybe you can win even more points later. Some folks who don't like crits may choose to just do a TT and RR.

For a SR scored on points, you'd still do the TT, but just soft-pedal it, so to speak. Traditional SR scored on time, you do everything you can to minimize the damage. Thus, a SR scored on time is a better measure of an all-around rider, which leads most folks to prefer them, IMO.