2012 - Subaru ERock Twilight Criterium

Start Date: 06/02/2012

Location: Castle Rock, Colorado

Description: Feel the excitement of urban criterium bicycle racing! Mit a great weekend for the whole family by joining us on June, 2, 2012 for the 2nd annual Subaru ERock Twilight Criterium. You can choose to test you legs in a variety of race categories or simply to enjoy watching the action at one of the dozens of road-side cafes in downtown Castle Rock. Races start at 8:30 a.m. with the pro categories beginning at 5:00 p.m.





All I can say is just WOW! The SM4 and SM 45+4 race was the most ridiculous event in history (maybe). A 0.9 mile course and race two categories at the same time. A disaster was inevitable. The motorcyle "gods" as they put it didn't know how to talk to one another. They do have communications together, right?

The one leading the 45's should've neutralized the 45's near the start of the straight-away instead of near the end of it. Two crashes immediately happened when the 4's were passing the 45's on the tight corners to cause total chaos in the two fields.

The fact is, these are two large groups racing together on a tight and tiny course but not allowed to mingle. Just because those two groups weren't Road Cup points category's, you don't put these two categories together on a tiny course and expect there not to be major problems.

This was worse than the Wheels of Thunder debacle with the 45+4 and 45 Open race.

Wow - Six DQ'd in a Crit

Hard to believe that was approved by USAC/ACA. Just start them together.
Cluster Fu@# having two larger groups on a .9 mile course and expecting them to stay separate and safe. Would love to see the secret "Technical Committee" notes on this one.

Having age group cat 4's

Having age group cat 4's allows more people to try and enjoy racing. It gives racing a bigger boost and promotion. Those older beginners would quit racing after a couple races in the Cat 4 or 45 Open races and getting pulled after being lapped. Not worth the money. And money is what it is all about (make enough to pay for the race).

Another option is make the Cat 5 (eliminate 35+4 and 45+4 ....also eliminate 35+3 while we are at it) available at all races and make people have to earn/win just as much (like cat 4 to upgrade to 3) to upgrade to Cat 4. Make preregistration the only option (fix the chip issue...maybe) and set a registration limit. First come, first served.

Now for the race at the Rock. They should have raced the 35 and 45 4's together and the 4's separate. The reason the 35 4's raced separate and the 4's raced with 45+4 is because they were not worthy of Cup points. Why are certain cats worth cup points and not all? This was the start of the whole mess. Quit charging races for specific cup points and just make all crits equal. The next option, start them together as one and sort them out at the end. It has been done at other races with less issue and risk.

These comments show me what

These comments show me what is wrong with racing in CO. Maybe the moto officials did not get it right, but the problem is cuased becuase we have too dam many catagories in CO.

Two "large" groups? Jesus man, each group was under 25 people at the finish. So lets say a bunch of peopel got dropped, or crashed. These are still small fields. And yet people still complain, still think we should give 25 rider fields their own time slot. We have lost perspective in CO and people do not know how to race, or handle themselves in fields much over 25 guys. You want to learn how to ride your bike? Try riding in a 100 man crit field. That is how you learn.

After years of lower the bar in CO we need to raise it. Make masters start at 40 and run fewer catagories.

I wouldn't have agreed with

I wouldn't have agreed with your point until what happened at Morgul. Both the critical times up the wall for our race we had to move left of a large field. Penultimate lap the leaders attacked around a large and neutralize women's field (3/4?) to form what would be the winning break. Final lap we were finishing directly alongside a large masters field=total chaos.

And that was on a 13-mile circuit! Running two races on a crit course is tantamount to willful negligence.

But it's true: I want to race against the best of my category, not the best of my category + age comprised of the 12 others guys to actually show up for the race.


I've been a proponent of 40+/50+/60+ and no 'categories' within the age groups for awhile, even though I just turned 55 and it would work against my personal interests in that I wouldn't be one of the younger guys in my category anymore. As for all the masters 'categories', don't get me started.

Crits less than 300

Needs to be less categories for all the Crits less than 300 racers.
E-Rock - 275
City Park - 210

An average of 40 per start for 275 = 7 Starts so 1-2s, 40+ 1-2s, 3s, 40+ 3s, 4-5s, 40+ 4-5s/W4s, Women 1-2-3. or some combination of 7 groups.
The smaller crits like City Park, Prospect can probably do with just an 6 hour day. City Park this year had 10 start times over a 10 hour day. So 21 racers per hour average.

On crits courses less than 1 mile, start together and can work together. No separate groups out on course.

Promoter definitely doesn't need a $800 chip timing system for 200 racers over 10 hours like now.