2012 - Parker CX



Comedy or Evil? Here the 35+ show Completely different view of the run-up



The runup was pure comedy for

The runup was pure comedy for the early racers. But the simple fact is, bring the proper equipment.

If you had toe spikes, you could run right up. If you didn't, you can see what happened. Spend 10 bucks and save yourself from the Benny Hill music.

not always possible - check your shoes

my husband and teammate both raced SM4. We reconned and came back to the car to install toe spikes for both of them (we have multiple sets in our toolbox). Only to discover that Teammate's midrange Shimano shoes don't have spike receivers.

So it's not always a given that your shoes will come equipped for spikes. Check before you find yourself in this situation. Sucks to have to buy new, expensive shoes maybe, but it'll save you a ton of frustration down the line if you're at all serious about CX.

Teammate is younger and a bit more reckless and bold so he was able to bite the bullet and ride it every lap, which I was impressed by simply because the SM4 field was pretty messy.

i can laugh now even after

i can laugh now even after seeing me captured in time twice on this run up.....i wouldn't be racing if i did not love it.....sure was frustrating but still put a smile on my face...that damn hill got me every time

Frustrated, but now I'm LMAO!!!

I reconned that hill, found all my lines and thought I had it pegged. It didn't take much for those plans to falter. As frustrated as I was on that hill, I had that much fun trying to conquer it. Even more hilarious is the guy trying to run through me and bouncing back down the hill. Too funny, great video