New Details of USA Pro Cycling Challenge's Boulder Stage Released

From the Daily Camera:

New details of USA Pro Cycling Challenge's Boulder stage released

City prepares for 100,000+ spectators, plans downtown 'Finish Festival'
Cycling enthusiasts can start plotting the best vantage points from which to catch the USA Pro Cycling Challenge during its Boulder stage.

Boulder released detailed race information -- including the exact path the elite racers will take through downtown Boulder and University Hill and the approximate times when riders will pass through each section of the 103-mile route -- last week in preparation for a meeting Tuesday to discuss race planning.

The public hearing at the City Council's regular meeting will provide an opportunity for the public to express any concerns about -- as well as support for -- the race, which will pass through Boulder twice on Aug. 25, the sixth day of the seven-day race.

The meeting also will include discussion of potential legal issues around the race. The City Attorney's Office has recommended the City Council adopt an emergency ordinance giving the city manager the authority to issue permits, waive fees and make rules for safety.

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