2012 - Mile High Urban CX Chaos

Mile High Urban CX Chaos from OnSight Media on Vimeo.

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Mile High Urban CX Chaos cyclocross race 2012 November 11 from Adam Sloan on Vimeo.



Urban CX

This was a funny entertaining race with tough technical sections on the course. Too bad more didn't dare venture out of "The Bubble" to experience it! Definitely hope this race is on the schedule for next season! Good work guys!

I'd assume more didn't show

I'd assume more didn't show because they'd rather race CX on courses that are 90% dirt/grass/sand with only minimal pavement. With this being a new race with few details on the course and the urban setting, one can only make assumptions on what the course was going to be like and decide to race or not accordingly.

Personally, I love racing CX on more "traditional" courses and the urban cx stuff just doesn't interest me.

It was my first time racing

It was my first time racing an urban course and I had a good time. It didn't seem that different from everything else we have, definitely more pavement, but it wasn't like a crit.

Are you a course snob or something? Too good for some courses?

I love Valmont, but I don't see it as a traditional course. The manufactured gravel pit isn't something you would see traditionally see in Europe.

I'm glad you enjoyed the

I'm glad you enjoyed the course, it's always good to hear positive feedback from first time courses as they can definitely be hit or miss.

Like most everyone else, I don't have unlimited time and funds for racing and with a long season, I definitely don't race every Sat & Sun, so I pick and choose the races that most interest me. Urban cross, at least the way I saw it presented, didn't remotely appeal to me, so I skipped it. I'm not sure that means I'm a course snob or too good for some courses (ha!). And if that's what it means, I really don't care. My money, my time, my energy and I'll spend it in the ways that I think I'll most enjoy.

Urban CX

Maybe promoters outside the bubble should work on engaging new racers and make their own bubble ?

What is the motivation for us to leave the bubble when we have everything we need here ?

Once Valmont Bike Park is at maximum intake capacity, there will probably be a race there every weekend. You can (1) Start building your own bubble now (2) get used to having a normal sized cyclocross race day turnout.

Agree with other comments on

Agree with other comments on this. It sounded like it might be interesting.....but.... No details on the course and then an email beforehand telling people to not bring their nice expensive tires is not confidence inspiring that the course won't suck. Last thing the "bubble" people are willing to do is sign up for a race that they don't know the course, spend $30 bucks, drive to Denver in crappy weather and then race hoping is isn't a concrete ice skating rink. I was thinking about racing but after the weather on Saturday my assumption was this was going to be ice covered concrete corners that were very dangerous. Of course someone might say that I shouldn't sssume, but if you don't give any details or photos of the course what else are people to do?

Maybe next year..

The course details were out

The course details were out Friday, they were putting up pictures as the week went on, most races don't give detail about courses. The email about tires was a mistake as I ran my tubulars without worry.

I paid $19, so did a lot of people. Many registrations were free if you knew the EASY answers to their trivia questions.

They had dozens of people out there spreading salt before the race. The course was perfect.

Sorry you missed it.

That's the point though. I

That's the point though. I don't want to have to check back 3..4..5..6 times to figure out if I want to race on a course. The course map came out on Friday which have you less then 1 day to decide and pre-register. The other venues you can make a guess at what the course might be like and be pretty close. An urban race like this I don't think most people had any idea what to expect. It sounds like it was fun so I'm sorry I missed it, but if you want people to show up to a race you have to give them a little more detail on what to expect.

Didn't know about it

I didn't do it because I didn't know about it. Of course I saw it in the calendar but seemed like just another regular race. Sign me up next year!

Best atmosphere I've seen in awhile.

This race was an absolute blast. Here's what you missed.

1. Organizers did a great job putting the expo almost on the course. We were all fully engaged.
2. Bar. There was a little, warm, cozy bar with the Broncos game on a large screen TV in the course. Awesome!
3. Heated tents. Plenty of spots to get warmed up.
4. Several fire pits, grills, beer, cheering, heckling.
5. "The Horn" was a very hard section reminiscent of the tough sections at '11 Lyons and '10 Aspen Lodge.
6. Tuba guy? was it a trombone? not sure, I was going full blast and wasn't thinking straight. It was hilarious though.
7. Excellent beer. Laguntas? whatever it's called, it is very good.
8. Costumes. I wasn't expecting it but I laughed my butt off at the cow, punk rock guy...

1. Course was too short. We did 10 laps.
2. Turnout. There were more preregistrations than finishers.

I hate the Portland comparisons, but it was as festive as a Cross Crusade race.

It's all about the course!

Racing is all about the course. If it gets good reviews, then people may decide to do it next year. Only 1 of your positives mentioned the course.
Last Denver "Urban" Cross race was the course around VeloSwap years ago. Goathead City.

The course was great. Short,

The course was great. Short, yes, but superfun. The vibe was outstanding, probably because the Boulder Cycle Sport-types stayed home. Can't wait for this one to come back around next year.

Im not on BCS, but they are a

Im not on BCS, but they are a very nice bunch of people that really love cyclocross. I love how people that don't train somehow think that people that want to excel are somehow elitist. Whatever makes you feel better, I guess...

Negative comments about Boulder Cycle Sport

There have been some recent negative comments this year about the Boulder Cycle Sport cyclocross team. Let me set the record straight about the Boulder Cycle Sport cyclocross program. The program has been in existence since 2005. It started as a club, which was open to anyone and everyone who wanted to learn about cyclocross and maybe try racing. I led free (as in no charge, open to the public!) weekly skills clinics, every Wednesday in the fall and have been doing so for 8 seasons! As the club grew I realized I needed more help so I created the Boulder Cycle Sport Cyclocross Ambassador Team a couple of years ago.

This Ambassador Team was created to help me teach more clinics and lead more informational slide shows, and promote the sport cyclocross. Our group has over 50 combined years of racing experience and we openly and willingly share our knowledge with anyone who wants to learn more.The Ambassador Team leads free skills clinics, seminars, volunteer trailwork sessions, group rides, and junior coaching. To date we and helped more than 400 cyclists improve their cyclocross riding. The clinics are always open to all and will always have a group dedicated to beginners.

The mission on our website states: "We will teach you everything you need to know about cyclocross and how to prepare for your first race. Our goal is to grow the sport and share the fun and excitement of the season!"

As far as Boulder Cycle Sport attendance at races here is what I can say. Since our team is more casual, there are no strict requirements on what races our riders have to attend. Personally, with a business and a toddler, it is sometimes difficult to do two races in a weekend. Furthermore, if you see our tent and van at a race, please know we are not just there for our team, but we are there for anyone who needs mechanical support or has a question about equipment, tire pressure, etc. You might also notice our tents and van at some races and not others. The truth of the matter is we are a sponsor of the Boulder Racing/Without Limits series and have a sponsor obligation to be there. At these races Boulder Cycle Sport pays our mechanic to be at these races on top of paying a sponsorship fee to Boulder Racing/Without Limits. This is neutral tech support for ALL racers, not just Boulder Cycle Sport riders. I will make sure the race promoters make that abundantly clear form here on out. As a small business with limited staff it is sometimes difficult to schedule the tents, van and a mechanic to be at every cyclocross race. Believe me, if I could do it I would, but sometimes it does not work out.

In no way is our team elitist. It is open to anyone and everyone with a good attitude and willingness to want to learn about the sport. I am sorry if the perception is different in some people's eyes but that is not the case.

Also note we have led dozens of fundraisers over the past 8 years to raise money for junior cyclocross and help further junior racing, and we are also the supporting shop of the Boulder Junior Cycling program (not to mention several other local race teams and groups.)

If any of this is unclear or if you have questions, I can be reached at brandon@bouldercyclesport.com.

- Brandon Dwight - owner / Boulder Cycle Sport

PS. Wouldn't it be great if there was less negativity in the bike racing scene? Oh, and if it was a requirement to use your real name in public on-line forums ;)

Well said!

I don't know why people didn't listen to their mom when she said "if you don't have something nice to say don''t say it at all." We all put our time in differently to support the sport we love. Leave the negativity out of it. Keep Cross Fun!

From your website .... this

From your website .... this doesn't sound requirement free....Six is very interesting.


We want you to have a great time and represent Boulder Cycle Sport in a positive light at all times. Our team requirements are as follows:

1. 2012 cyclocross team membership dues are $45. Swing by either shop to register in person. If you have specific questions about joining the team please email us at cx@bouldercyclesport.com

2. New members must purchase a new 2012 jersey. If your size jersey is in stock at the time you register, you can purchase the jersey for $75. If it is not in stock, you can purchase your jersey and other team apparel at BCS CX Team Night on Tues. Aug 14th.

3. All members MUST wear their 2012 Boulder Cycle Sport jersey or skinsuit when racing.

4. You will be required to represent Boulder Cycle Sport in a positive manner at all times, both on and off the bike. No bad sportsmanship!

5. You will be obligated to volunteer at one race (more info soon).

6. Boulder Cycle Sport reserves the right to remove you from the team due to any improper and unsportsmanlike behavior.

7. In order to race you will need to purchase a USA Cycling and American Cycling Association license. Be sure to register under our club, Boulder Cycle Sport.

team requirements

Hopefully you werent serious, but in case you were, that is pretty standard language not unique to BCS. I've seen it in some shape/form in signing up with any team/organization (ie; my kid's soccer). If you're getting tickets, flippin the bird to the race officials and/or basically a poor representative of the team and it's sponsors (list goes on to infinity), they make it known up front they can dump you. Nothin wrong with that, you can always join team 'unattached'.

Loved it!

I was not looking forward to racing the race, but my regrets to coming out all but disappeared once I got out there. Tons of fun, great course (albeit short, but, oh well!), great crowds. The men and ladies that raced the Open categories were having fun, and takin' beer handouts and still racing a good race. Props to the promoters for putting it on!

I really don't know what else the promoters were supposed to do to put the word out - they were on the calendar, they put up a website they updated, they had a Facebook page, they had a great preregister deal (something like $22?).

For people who were looking for a different atmosphere than the Boulder Cup-type of Super Event, the Mile High Urban Chaos was it. They tried to put something different together and they succeeded in doing so. We need more of this type of atmosphere, not less of it.

If the reason individuals aren't racing this race is they're worried about their bikes not handling it, you may just want to get a beater bike and enjoy yourselves. Get back to the roots of racing a cyclocross race; it's not about having a full carbon A and B bike. Have some fun, it's gonna feel goooooood!


Agreed. Someone on Twitter suggested we make a cross team category. Wouldn't that be fun in a race like this? 4 team-mates, and if the laps continue, you just repeat. Can we please put the fun back in racing and quit whining so much?

We designed to the course

We designed to the course with the idea that racers needed to make decisions, not only on the first lap but before and during the race. Cyclocross was started with people racing from one town to the other in winter for training. This course tried to replicate that. Road, gravel, dirt, sand, mud, rocks, tree trunks, 180 berm, hills, steeps, barriers, then back on road and gravel. Sorry about the lack of details on the course but we were limited on time into the site prior to the race. Happy those of you that showed up enjoyed the course!

Rocked it!

NWR - You guys rocked it! Loved the course, the atmosphere and the cost. Win-win-win! I agree with Justin! that we need more races like this. Will definitely be back next year. Only suggestion would be to include the Pre-J's in this fun race. And the flyover was awesome! Don't see that at the Boulder Cup.

Urban CX is a good change of pace

Urban CX is the perfect type of race to add some fun back into the long racing season. Let's face it, we battle each other week in and week out starting in April and this event throws a curveball at us that I think most enjoyed. I didnt race it, but did drive the kids down from Boulder to watch, heckle, slip on ice, ring a cow bell, drink a beer (not the kids but me), and show support for people and vendors who put this event on. This event was a good quick break from the norm and seemed to be very well received... most importantly, it showed some flexibility.

Urban racing at it's finest!

Thanks to everyone involved with hosting this awesome event. The course was diabolical... with a gnarly rock garden, sand pit, railroad tie barriers and graffiti. Not to mention the Salvagetti crew handing up tasty beers and the heckling was top notch! Too bad the cold temps seemed to scare off some racers.

My only suggestion for next year is to make the race go thru the Fat Bros bar!

Alpha $40 ?!? Way to take advantage of Gold status

Really Alpha CX, $40 entry fee? Plus another $20 for a 2nd race? Can't really imagine what value you're providing us for those fees. Lame that promoters take advantage of gold status and set a precedent for next year. Year's past your free breakfast was well gone by the time I was done with my race. Thanks for looking out for us ACA, what a joke.

Achieving 'Gold' status

Achieving 'Gold' status brings with it additional expenses that have to be covered. It's not really $40, it's $10 more than usual. Just buy one less bottle of whine this week and you'll be fine.

Acheiving Gold status - BS

What add'l expenses, chip timing? Sorry but the bar has been raised and its the norm now for a good race for chips and no pre-reg needed. The prize list is nothing special and no where near a UCI C2. No real add'l expenses mandated by the ACA. They could have just charged $30 and had a late fee.

They could charge $30, but

They could charge $30, but you would still complain.

A suggestion: don't go. Let your support for simpler, lower cost races be shown by not entering the more expensive races. No one cares about the 303Cycling poll results if folks still do the expensive races in large numbers.

Rip off. Won't be going

This race is in my backyard and I won't be going because of the cost. Yeah, compared to other races it's not going kill my bank account but they're obviously gouging. Hopefully others will make a statement as well by not attending. If you attend, then you're saying it's OK and next year every race can justify charging $5-10 more to race.

funny as in fun and funny haha

Losing pro field attendance to the USGP is understandable. Excuses for entry fees and a questionable course or bad weather (really!?!) is just lame. Everyone seems to be forgetting that this was the first EVER adaptive cx race and also served to support our veterans. Maybe, just maybe, this race wasn't about you for a change.

It was refreshing to not have the elitist poser BCS attitudes present. It was even nicer to see so many folks having a great time at a new and interesting venue, and graciously supporting the veterans and adaptive athletes.

The event was great with the potential of being excellent, and also one of the most fun cx races in Colorado. Bikes and bike racing are supposed to be about having fun, right? Hats off and many thanks to everyone who helped put this race on and make it fun!