2012 - Mead Roubaix



New Mead Roubaix Course

I've had a few questions about the Mead Course for 2012. The course for the 2012 Mead Roubaix Festival Road Race is quite different than last year.
The Northern sections of Rd. 3 and Rd. 7, with the "sand traps", are gone. It's now a more compact course but it's still going to be plenty hard. The hill up Rd. 3 is a hard one. (The RallySport guys dropped me everytime up it.) The false flat going East on Rd. 38 is a power section that after a few laps is going to hurt the legs. The new Finish is on Rd. 7, with the right lane and middle lane fenced off for the sprint.
Map and info about the Festival are at http://www.cyclingevents.com/MeadRoubaix/Default.aspx

Register at http://www.cyclingevents.com/RaceRegistration/RegisterMeadRoubaix.aspx - Registration is Pre-Reg Only. No race day registration.

See Registered riders at http://www.cyclingevents.com/RaceRegistration/RegisteredRiders.aspx

This is a race I want to race but might be too busy with promoting duties.

Mead Roubaix Festival - Registration Update

D&L Sound doesn't need start list until this evening, as they are out at Haystack all day. I will keep online registration open until after I get back from doing the Haystack TT/TTT - So around 3:00 pm I will close reg so and then process the start lists.

All else is set and ready to go. Looks like it will be a great day of racing tomorrow. If anybody that's not racing wants to come out and help run things from Noon to 3:00, then I could to race. :-)

Stephen H.

Why do you even set deadlines

Why do you even set deadlines for pre-reg for your events? You change them at the last minute for virtually every race, in the hopes of getting 3 or 4 more entries. If folks want to do your races, they'll find a way to register. Constantly extending your deadlines (and often begging for entries) is unbecoming.

Exactly, it is sort of a well

Exactly, it is sort of a well know joke. Now we can add Mead Roubaix to the list with Hugo and Deartrail. Just make the deadline the night before and stick to it like most promoters.

And for as stupid as I find that, great race today and dam hard course. My hats is off to all you guys and great move to pick up the race from DBC. Thank you Stephen and everyone at the Rallysport team.

Thanks, and a suggestion

Good job Stephen, Rally Sport, town of Mead, etc. Just
one thing - maybe a little chat with your marshals and volunteers
beforehand about patience and understanding. It was entirely
unnecessary for the marshal around Main St & Dillingham to rip me
a new one for not knowing where parking was located. Ok fine
it's on the website, but every other race I've been at for
15 years has a sign *directing* racers to parking, not just a sign
in front of the parking lot. Perhaps I should have memorized the
flyer but still, totally unnecessary to have a new one ripped for
something that innocuous.

Cycling Recycling Junior Stage Race

Cycling Recycling Junior Stage Race is next weekend. 3 events in 3 days for Juniors only. Registration closes this Weds at 11:59am. Free to all Juniors! Come bring your kids to only Junior only stage race in the front range!

great race! Loved the

great race! Loved the course, dirt and all. Forced you to stay attentive and there was definitely more attrition than one would have expected in just looking at the course profile. Definitely on my list of must do races.

Mead was great. The course

Mead was great.

The course was hard, but I wouldn't change it. The town's involvement is very cool. The organizer did a great job with the layout as registration, start/finish, expo, announcer were placed in and around the park. Did anybody catch the name of the beer that was being served? I heard it was local to the area.

A definite must do race.

Great race and beer

I must admit that course is NOT for everyone and there were several moments I thought I was at a really fast CX race! But, the overall day, thanks in no small part to the stunning weather, great town support, volunteers, organizers, racers and general atmosphere, made for one of the best outings of the season to-date. I do hope it continues and also hope for speedy recovery to all those who suffered mishaps - lotta carnage out there!

The excellent beer was from a new brewery in Frederick called Echo Brewing. I spent a fair amount of time chatting with the brothers who started it, ex-IBM IT guys. Here's a link to their story: http://www.timescall.com/business/local-business/ci_20395226/erie-brothe....

See you at the races - TF

Highland Lake?

Did anyone catch what the building at highland lake was? Was it a food stand or bait/tackle?

Looked like a nice place to take the family for a picnic.


Thanks everyone for the positive feedback on Mead Roubaix! I appreciate all of you who showed up and raced hard on the new course. The people in Mead in charge of the festival were really happy with the event and they want us back next year.