2012 - Mead Roubaix



Where's the climbs?

I was excited to se this come back as it was an epic course last year. Seemed to have been cut down to a flat course without much selection. Probably will end up with a bunch finish. Anybody know if there is anything selective in this new course?

After riding the course a few

After riding the course a few times, I also think there will be a bunch sprint. However, the field will most likely be pared down significantly through a combination of the dirt, the rollers, and the almost certain crosswinds.

The second dirt section

The second dirt section heading east to CR7 is a bear, or at least it was a few weeks ago. Super soft, false flat will make it very selective. Doubt there will be many field sprints. The roads out there are a lot different than B-R.

Not sure if this is the right

Not sure if this is the right place to post, but if you decide to go out and ride the course, watch for dogs on the dirt road CR 38 before you get to CR 7. I've run into them a couple of times and they can take you by surprise.

no sandtraps

I pre-rode the course Wednesday morning and all the dirt roads had been recently graded. Very different to last years course and no sandtraps or corrugations.
For the most part the shoulders are the best place to ride, smooth and stone free. Drives ways and corners are softer and should be taken with care. It is obvious a lot of effort has been put into improve the course over last year.
There are lots of sharp stones, tubulars in good condition are recommended due to pinch flat risk.
Will be a 'sporting' course with the rollers and no doubt the wind will influence the race outcome.

Not every race needs to have

Not every race needs to have climbs. This sounds an awful lot like the complaints when Cavendish won the world championships. A little variety in our road courses should be celebrated, not whined about. There are plenty of climbing focused races on the calendar.

Which races on the front

Which races on the front range and plains have these selective climbs? Front Range Cycling Classic at AFA and, um, well. By Sunday there will have been 3 dirt races and another with some dirt, nearly a dozen crits and circuit races, and a single race with climbing that was cancelled. Don't bring up the hillclimb TT unless you'd like to lobby for upgrade points awarded for TTs. The fact is, amateur Colorado racers are scared to climb which is bizarre considering our proximity to the Rocky Mountains.

Rist Canyon RR

This August race is located on the Front Range and is VERY selective, at least it was when I raced it last year. And, it appears to be back for round 2. One could argue the Wall on Morgul is semi-selective and then there's Dead Dog - not quite Front Range but those climbs usually tear the RR apart pretty well. I actually think we've got a nicely balanced race calendar all things considered although it would be SWEET to have one or two more TTTs somewhere along the line.

I suppose your other option is to kick butt, go Pro and race the USAPCC. I'll stick to Rist and DD myself...


superior morgul, sunshine,

superior morgul, sunshine, guanella pass, dead dog, mike horgan, mt evans, and rist canyon are all mass start events with significant climbing in them. someone obviously hasn't looked at the calendar...

Mead Roubaix Festival - Registration Update

Mead Roubaix Festival Road Race - Registration Update

  • http://www.cyclingevents.com/RaceRegistration/RegisterMeadRoubaix.aspx
  • Online Pre-Registration Only - Closes Friday, April 20 at Midnight.
  • No Timing Chip Required - We are using High Speed Cameras. This cuts down on registration volunteers and racer costs. We had excellent results last year at Hugo Road Race with the new ACA(BRAC) Camera System. With all pre-registration, verified against the ACA dB, the results where fast and accurate.
  • Updated Junior registration logic so they can race up a an age group if needed. Juniors must pre-register. Free Junior racing for USAC / ACA / BRAC members.
  • Our entry cost includes all fees. No last page surprises.
  • Make sure you buy your USAC License and then ACA Membership before registering.

Not to complain but $40??????

Not to complain but $40?????? How can you charge more than Boulder Roubaix for a far lower level event? I'll take my race money elsewhere, the gas alone to get out to Mead or Hugo isn't worth it.

Putting on races

Here is an idea, why don't you appreciate the fact that someone is organizing a race that you can go to and compete if you want. If the gas money is that bad, stay in Denver and do a crit. Do you have an idea how expensive it is to put on a race? Do you have a clue how much off duty cops and ambulences cost?

No ones cop bill is higher

No ones cop bill is higher than Boulder Roubaix so I'm comparing apples to apples and would like to know why Mead is $5 higher. There's nothing wrong with a question and statement, just like there's nothing wrong with your statement.

$5? You're whining about

$5? You're whining about $5?? Tell you what, you meet me at registration wearing a sandwich board that says "I'm too cheap to pay my own way, but not to proud to whine online" and I'll refund the extra $5.

well the complainer is

well the complainer is obviously not going to race Mead. Hence, the field will be sub-par, leading to the whole even being sub-par.

Last I checked racers make the race.

A few words from the promoter

First, I'm glad there's some discussion about Mead Roubaix, at least people are passionate about racing in Colorado!

Regarding the $40 fee, it does include online fees so the poster who mentioned it being only $2.50 more than Boulder Roubaix if you registered online is correct. We're charging that much because we want to at least break even on the event. RallySport Cycling Team is a relatively new club and we don't have much in the way of cash reserves. We thought the $40 fee offered the best chance to break even with expected turnout since we don't expect to draw close to the same numbers as Boulder Roubaix. We'll see if we estimated correctly. We are also offering free entries to junior racers and $10 off for under 23 racers to help support young racers in Colorado. A significant portion of any proceeds from the race will be donated to Bicycle Colorado.

We decided not to use chip timing since no other clubs are helping volunteer at the race and we want to make sure we have enough volunteers to handle peak registration times. We thought dealing with chips would delay registration time and increase cost for some racers. It's too bad that this decision has resulted in a lower "status" of the race but we believe the results will not be impacted by this decision and the quality of the race experience will be the same or better, regardless of the official status.

The course was altered to avoid a couple of the trouble spots from last year. We think the course has a nice mixture of rolling terrain, dirt and paved roads. The dirt roads were starting to be graded yesterday so they should be in very good condition, not very Roubaix-like though.

The town of Mead is really excited about this race in their community. The festival in the park in town will be bigger this year and hopefully everyone who attends will have a good time.

The course was perfect.

The course was perfect. Don't change a thing. It was a race of attrition as any classic should be. Those who couldn't ride on dirt and/or had poor bike handling skills lot out. That's racing!


I would argue that Mead is superior to Boulder Roubaix. I liked the city park atmosphere, the vendors, the easy parking, and the nightmare inducing course are all superior. Mead made Boulder look like a race run on fresh blacktop.

I told my wife and kids to stay home for Boulder Roubaix, but they got to come to Mead because of the park and family oriented activities, and (gasp) they weren't even miserable while in between seeing me for 15 seconds every half hour.

I blinked at the price, but I did it anyway.

Thanks organizers!

Whiny cyclists....

As a proud member of the elite cycling world, I must say that I have never met more complainers in another sport...We pay thousands for bike frames, sometimes more for wheels, and whine about several dollars here or there at the race events. If you don't like what the organizers are doing, go play tiddlywinks instead: cease your complaint already!

Yep. Nice weather and thanks

Yep. Nice weather and thanks to the volunteers and town.

If I would have any complaint it would be that for some reason I expected some neutral water bottles. My bad for not checking.


I actually paid $37.50 for Boulder Roubaix. So he's staying home over $2.50 difference.


And do you know how many police are required for either event?
Easy answer, stay home, but don't complain about someone else taking a ton of time out of their life (including precious ride time) to put on a race that you can attend if you want.

Think of it as an "incentive"

Think of it as an "incentive" to use the chip system. Silver or Gold should get more turnout, so the promoter takes a chance the extra entries pay the added cost for the chip system. Without this soft 'mandate' the cost of the chip system becomes too expensive. BRAC is spreading the cost to the promoters who in turn pass it on to the racers.

My guess is that the Cyclingevents races will do just fine without the burden/expense of the chip timing system. Chapeaux to them for taking a stand!

The death of Hugo and DC

The death of Hugo and DC won't be hastened or delayed by the timing system used or the gold/silver/bronze designation. It makes sense for the promoter to cut costs where reasonable, IMO.

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

I'm convinced that Hugo is beyond saving, but the salvation for Deer Trail RR is to incorporate some of the many dirt roads in the area. There's got to be a way to make a big loop (hate the out/back aspect of the race) that's at least 50% dirt. I'm pretty sure folks would eat it up like a redneck loves grits.

I love the dirt races, but

I love the dirt races, but I'm good with the three that currently exist.

Everyone bags on Hugo but I had a good time doing it last year and I have yet to hear a valid, specific criticism of the race that doesn't come off like whining.


We need more dirt road races like mountain biking needs more pavement. Enough of the dirt road races already. Over saturation is making it lose its appeal.

No more hateful comments please

No reason to post hateful comments and call them out by name. If you strongly dislike something then fine, post but don't call them out by name. But in general lets all try to tone back the hateful comments. Colorado cycling rocks and while there are characters and issues with aspects overall we really have it made and lets remember that.

Kris Thompson

I think people get confused

I think people get confused in thinking this is a forum or user group where there is accountability. These comments are nothing more or less than user comments after a story on the Denver Post, you can add your name or stay anonymous, most troubling is you can say whatever you want. Very few comments are really contributing positively to the conversation, it's all just opinions and unfortunately not much thought goes into a lot of them. I'm certainly guilty of this on occasion.

The Bikereview forums, Bikeforums.net, Velocipede salon, etc have regional threads where you can comment with a handle that is somewhat anonymous, but you end up knowing who is talking. These forums are better for user driven content and building conversations. You can also ask questions, rate users.

I think the craziness in these comments is driven by a few people who are bored and don't have a real stake in what happens for cyclists and racers in Colorado.

KHMTT Debacle!

Can someone help me understand?! I was forced into having to pay for 2 licenses (BRAC and USAC), plus a transponder, on top of the entry fee, all to have the “privilege” to race the KHMTT. And guess what? I’m not listed in the results and do not have an official time! This is progress? According to the promoter, there were “issues” with race bib numbers (e.g., double numbers, numbers assigned to the wrong person, etc.). Why has there not been any official communication from BRAC or the promoter? We all train hard, pay good money to race (licenses, entry fees and equipment) and expect and deserve a result. I’m sure glad to have the “increased services” provided by USAC and BRAC. As for the promoter . . . a swing and a BIG miss!