2012 - Masters and Juniors Road Race State Championships

Masters and Juniors Road Race State Championships
Aug 19th



Good Pre-Reg Numbers

438 Total with Pre-Reg
358 Senior/Masters
80 Juniors

With race day it could hit 500? Probably more 1-2s, 35+ 1-2s and 45+ 1-2s will come out on race day to register.
35+ 3s, 35+ 4s, 45+ 4s all around 50. 55+ close to 40.

yeah it would super fun,

yeah it would super fun, especially if it meant more teams and more team tactics.

definitely need to be more laps or a longer course though.

and yeah you'd have to close the whole road or find a 4 lane or something a little wider. 35+3 was a little tight with 60 people

1. Matt Gibble, Sonic Boom,

1. Matt Gibble, Sonic Boom, left on a back board, no word. Hope he is OK.
2. Adam Asnes, mix1, broken collarbone, broken ribs, punctured lungs (got hit by a metal road sign that should not have been out there)
3. Kevin Cawley, Tokyo Joes, lots of road rash (landed on face), but nothing broken. Helmet prevent head injury.

Crash Update

Spoke briefly with Adam at 9pm. He is in hospital in Lafayette. Collarbone is "shattered". Will make surgery decision after talking to orthopedist in morning. Sucks.

Medical Update

Hey guys,

I was transported by ambulance down to Platte Valley Med Center where they discovered I had a fracture of the C6 facet joint. The staff there did a fabulous job of cleaning up my road rash and loading me up on Tegaderm. After a consult with some docs at Denver Health I was transported there (by the same crew, thanks guys you made a scary day a lot better) and spent the night.

Bottom line is that I'm in a neck brace for six weeks, have some moderate pain, but consider myself pretty fortunate. My helmet was cracked in nine places and I hit with enough force break the first bone of my life, but my brain suffered no swelling or bleeding. Of course, I'm sure I will suffer the effects of a concussion in the coming days, weeks.

One, guys, wear your helmets. They work most of the time. Unfortunately for my father six years ago, he had one on but did not survive an accident. But in 30 years I don't think I've ever hit my head. Yesterday I hit it hard enough to make up for all the times I was lucky.

Two, thanks to the folks that were there as I was obviously pretty incoherent after the crash. Thanks to my teammate, Corey Cope, for calling my wife, handling my broken bike and getting my car back to my house.

I hope the others that suffered bad crashes yesterday are okay. It's nice when guys come together to help each other in a time of need. Thanks to everybody for a fun race yesterday; even with my hiccup at the end. ;-)

Matt Gibble


To the Real ID guy who flipped me off in the final K on sunday. wanna clear this up:

I'm not a sprinter but i have decent 5 minute power, so I took a flyer at about 3Kish (maybe a little longer) just as a hail mary. got a little daylight off the front so I tried to stick it. At just inside 1K I saw the train comin and knew i was toast so I pulled right (well before they caught me) and I was just gonna ride the white line in and try to stay out of the way.

most of the field came by me on the correct side with no trouble. i was literally as far to the right as possible and going about half the speed of the pack, still more than 500m out. I dont know where you were that you decided that you needed to pass me on the outside while bringin up the rear of the pack, but it apparently put you in the dirt for a few feet before you could hop back on the pavement.

Much flipping of birds and calling me an idiot ensued.

It is not clear to me what youd have had me do, nor how you ended up needing to pass me on the right, nor what it cost you.

You were like 30 guys deep when you passed me and the sprint was already on.

If you're out of the points and out of the money, theres really no glory in sprinting for 30th. the race is already over. I'm sorry if that experience ruined your race. but thats how it goes. I played my card, and got out of the way, and held my line.

I know the testosterone gets goin in the final, and I'm sure it was a bummer to surf the dirt instead of sprinting, but its pretty childish to flip people off and get all agro.

The promise of all of us being grownups and having a little perspective on racing is the best justification for the existence of masters racing. Lets try to keep it that way.

Thanks to the town and promoters and volunteers and ACA and the other racers for a fun day overall. Since my Mead crash i've been a little gun-shy on flat races, and most just gone uphill and TTd, so it was nice to get out again for a little cat and mouse on a race track again.

Chris - Thanks for giving it a shot

Chris - Thanks for knowing you're not a sprinter and giving it all for a final attack. We had the largest pack of racers this year since maybe Boulder-Roubaix. 70 Starters - 57 in the pack at the end. Needed it to be a bit more windy to break it up but that is racing. I sat up at the last turn to avoid the sprint, as I'm definitely not a sprinter.

Lima Beans - Thanks for putting on the race. It was great just to register and show up for a Road Race. Please put it on again next year.

45+ guys - Get well soon. Hate to see that many bad wrecks in one pack in one day.


Maybe you need therapy?

No, I think you are the biggest jerk of the field because you seem to be able to move on. USAC as moved on, TR has moved on and is back to racing but you are some how stuck in the past.

Whatever. I could be the jerk

Whatever. I could be the jerk but the fact remains TR did not race as he was registered. It was posted that USADA was going to drug test. He won't be welcome back into the race community and this confirms that he is still hiding something and is most likely doping. F**K that a-hole and anyone who defends him.


Seriously, I think you have a full on boner for "TR" - my god i haven't heard someone talk about a masters racer so much in my life - take your man-crush and move on - if you think that ANYONE was scared off by some post on 303 cycling about a potential "doping test" that was posted by some anonymous person you are an absolute idiot. And you stalking the pre-reg list and then 'verifying' that he didn't race in that category - you my friend, are completely insane.

I am no fan of TR, but you

I am no fan of TR, but you have made a large assumption that makes you look like a fool. TR started the RR and he stopped to help the rider who hit the metal road sign (Adam A from mix1), Adam suffered a lot of significant injuries. So doper or not, that was a stand up move, one not chosen by most others riders, and TR deserves positive mention of it.

Your so WRONG!

Todd was at least a mile passed the crash with a flat rear waiting for the wheel car. Which was stop helping with Adam. It was Shermen T and Julie E helping Adam...NOT Todd. No stand up move, just a flat.

I stopped as I was dropped by

I stopped as I was dropped by the group early and came upon the wreck. Can't argue the point if Todd flatted but I do know when I arrived, Todd was the one talking with Adam and asking him if he wanted him to go to the hospital with him. Letting him know he would make sure his bike/gear etc. would find its way to Boulder. Telling him he would take it home with him if needed. Also it seemed Adam was not capable of recognizing where he was or why he was and for whatever reason, Todd seemed to be the guy Adam was relying on. I am guessing they are friends. Either way this topic should be more about Adam than Todd.