Longmont Holiday Bike Program Short on Donations

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Bicycles can be dropped off at any Longmont fire stations through Dec. 10.
Volunteers to clean and repair bikes come to Bicycle Longmont's bike garage in the former Sears Auto Center at the Twin Peaks Mall after 10 a.m. on Saturdays and Sundays.
Bikes will be distributed from 1 to 3 p.m. Dec. 15 at the Ed & Ruth Lehman YMCA, 950 Lashley St., Longmont.
For more information, email buzz@highgearbike.com.

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No doping comments here

Funny to see zero posts about an important local movement , but we can rant rave about local amatuer dopers . This site is just ridiculous sometimes and lacks true community focus. It is no better than the old days of Teton cycling's forum. just Sad

Agree, tell us more about this local movement

If we haven't posted anything about this local movement it's probably because we don't know about it. In the right side of every page on this site you will notice a link called "Submit News" (sits under the Google search box under the first ad). Please follow that link to provide us more information or feel free as the earlier commenter mentioned to post it to a article related to a topic, this one is about Christmas bike drive.


I believe the local movement

I believe the local movement is the Longmont Holiday Bike Program. His point is that know one chimes in on any of the stories focused on people doing something positive.

But as you well know, the stories about the dopers attract a lot more attention. And your site is driven by user visits and ad revenues.

Your site, velonews. any article on doping as 20-70+ comments. Read a story about Katie Compton crushing it Europe on velonews and you see there are zero comments.

It's just a lot more "fun" to tear people down than build them up.

Agree. But that doesn't mean people don't listen

I have the luxury of seeing what articles people read based upon page views and just because an article has no comments does not mean it does not get attention. Maybe there just isn't much to say on some of the "good" stories except, "This is great" and therefore few do comment.

But there are also plenty of articles I and others post that I think "dang this is great" and the traffic to them is low. I bet we could post a story about the ACA switching from #2 pencils to #1 and it would generate more traffic than Ryan Van Duzer winning $4000 bucks for Community cycles.

While we do our best to provide balanced set of news, all things racing draws attention and comments. The Colorado community is very athletically dedicated to cycling.