2012 - Longmont Criterium

Photo Credit: Sportif Images
26th Annual Longmont Criterium



Congrats to Jorge Espinoza and Cari Higgins as 2012's Colorado State Cycling Criterium Champion!

Date: 07/15/2012

Description: This year marks the 26th Annual Chuck Bolden Memorial Longmont Criterium Classic. The .7 mile, mostly flat “L” shaped course winds through the historic Thompson Park neighborhood near downtown Longmont. Wide, smooth streets make this a wonderful event for racers and and spectators. This year’s event is the Colorado Senior Criterium Championships as well as a Gold Rocky Mountain Road Cup event.



Winner's Podiums - where are they?

Really? No podium For winners to stand on? Especially at State Championships? Winners stood on coolers and other objects. SAFETY!!!!! That is really pathetic! A few other races this year were the same way. Is this a requirement of the people putting on the race? Why doesn't BRAC provide a podium for winners? It wouldn't be hard to make one and keep it in the trailer used at all of the races. Pull it out when unpacking at each race.Using coolers and other unsafe objects makes races look so cheap and makes the winners feel less like winners.

Get it together BRAC. It shouldn't cost much money at all to make a nice traveling wood podium for 1st, 2nd , and 3rd place finishers. Give me the money and I will make one at a reasonable cost. GEESH!

if anyone's seen the "race

if anyone's seen the "race kit" recently, it is in terrible shape. most of that stuff has to be 10+ years old. Most of the signage is bent/rusty/flimsy/falling apart. The podium blocks haven't been painted in who knows how long. It's the most ghetto looking mess I've seen in a long time. Most of it has long outlived its usefulness. It's too bad they chose to put so much membership money into a controversial and poorly implemented timing system, rather than earmark some of it to upgrading the race kit.

Enough of this crap already!

Funny, I didn't see "Anonymous" on the ballot at the last BRAC Board of Directors election. If you want to see changes, run for a board seat and make change happen! And as some others have said, roll up your sleeves and offer to pitch in and help update the race kit. As BRAC members, it is OUR race kit after all. About $5 worth of paint would probably do the trick on the podium boxes. As far as the timing system goes, yes it was expensive, however it seems to be working very well now. So was the trailer, gas to pull the trailer, other computer equipment, etc. Keep in mind that BRAC is run by a dedicated group of mainly volunteers and the only paid folks are part time and doing a hell of a job. Stop by Mr. McGee's office in Golden sometime and air your opinions in person why don't you? Just quit with the constant whining - it's OLD news!!

Dear Mr Bike Racer.....get

Dear Mr Bike Racer.....get off the internet and do it yourself. We paid an annual fee for them to take care of these things. It is not a Volunteer duty. We pay an organization to give us quality racing and appearance. I see plenty of pictures of races in other states and their podiums are top notch. Makes a race worth racing and trying to win. If someone comes on here and says that is a stupid reason to race, why do they do it in big pro races? Gets billing and puts your SPONSOR up in the limelight. Remember them (unless you are unattached)? Helps you have a team and cuts costs and gives you bennies. Remember them? A chewed up podium or a "cooler" sure makes your team sponsor feel good about their name being shown. Seems to me if we have to pay TWO annual fees, we should get our money's worth in this area.

$1000 in fees

The race paid close to $1000 in ACA fees. Plus timing and officials fees.
What do they get from ACA for that amount? Numbers, pins and access to the race kit. Luckily this race us near it. Would be nice if ACA had a trailer and would haul it out to races like the timing system.

ACA does have podium blocks.

ACA does have podium blocks. They were at State TT for sure. Not sure about Prospect. Not sure why they weren't at Longmont though. Hopefully they make it to Mt. Evans and Salida and Bannock.

No, that's a Quadricorn

Duh, of course that's a bamboo bike Keith is riding since he now races for Boo Bicycles. Pretty sweet ride too I might add although Keith could probably still podium on a 1976 Huffy 10-speed.

Good to see you back in form Mr. Harper - been too long!