2012 - Koppenberg



Would they cancel?

Does Boulder Racing typically cancel/postpone for these conditions? I'm excited to try Koppenberg for the first time, and would be happy to turn out in most any conditions, but don't want to pre-reg if there's a decent chance it will be postponed.

It's been canceled before.

It's been canceled before. The dirt road leading to the climb is ok, the dirt road at the top of the climb is ok, but unless they've improved it, the soil on the climb itself makes a really nasty, unrideable muddy mess if it gets much moisture.

Great Race Again

Thanks to Boulder Racing and all their volunteers for putting on a great Koppenberg again. The cold west wind was the only real factor in the race as the infamous hill was as smooth as it has ever been. Kind of took some of the mystique out of the race.

The only complaint I had was the lame way the results were posted and the podium winners announced. "And in 2nd place, we have Rider #101 and the winner today is Rider #250....." Come on! With the famed BRAC timing chip system and computerized results, how come the results weren't by name?

Just my thoughts,

Rider #4203