2012 Holiday Gift Guide - Part 2

I thought part 2 of the holiday gift guide we would go local. There are lots of great bike related gifts that you can buy locally so I tried to get a little creative with my picks.

It seems like this year has been filled with stories about doping so why not buy something from the online Dopers Suck store. From tshirts to socks to coffee mugs there is lots to choose from. You only have a few more days to get it delivered on time so buy today.

Bicycle sharing is taking off so why not give the gift of a bicycle sharing membership. Both Boulder and Denver have bicycle sharing programs. The Boulder bike sharing is now available year round!

It seem like most people that like to ride their bike enjoy a good beer. Why not give the gift of a Christmas Ale. The ale comes in 16oz 4 packs and can be found at local liquor stores. The beer is only available on a limited basis so nows your chance. If you want to try it first you can head to the Upslope Tap room and give it a try.

2011 Holiday Gift Guides

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