2012 - Green Mountain Sports #1 (Quarter Mile Cross)



Good course there were two

Good course there were two fast dirt descents, a couple off cambers corners one that a many riders had trouble with, 45 stairs can you say ouch, a finish hill from hell the gravel was not for those low on cornering skills good for me as I made a ton of passes for position in it.

After the barriers was 100

After the barriers was 100 meters long before getting into the chunky stuff, then after the lower pavement climb turned right to go back down was 150 meters. Even the section after the 160 degree off camber turn was about 50 meters. Exaggerating only makes you look a fool without a tool.

Hardly a good course

That was a dismal course. I'd rather let my kids play in traffic than ride in that gravel and asphalt parking lot again. No roadie, just a silly location for a cyclocross race. Take it to Bear Creek next time.

I am not sure what the

I am not sure what the intentioned objective of that course was. Why develop a venue where the course is so sketchy and almost deliberately designed to slow lap times and speeds for all but a few who have "Zero Fear" of going down on the ridiculous gravel sections and full on blind asphalt corners. Every time around the descent opposite the finish climb, I was waiting for a child or someone or something lurking behind the small brick (block) building to jump out in front of me at 22MPH.
Anyone with any sense of the improvements and infrastructure of that facility had to know the course would be rather "iffy" at best for a true test of cross acumen. We all signed up for it because we love to race and the season is winding down. But, really there must be alternatives in the near vicinity to the hogback and Morrison. Close to home for GMSV. Loved the fact that west side is hosting races. There is something else out there. Surprised somebody didn't get seriously hurt or injured.

Green Mtn Velo Sports cx race

In reading all the negative comments about the course- I wonder if in Europe they complain about sand on the courses? The ice? Too many spectators? the course is to slow? too hard? The PURPOSE of CX is winter fitness and BIKE HANDLING! Cant steer your bike well? Work on it! Still cant? Maybe golf or badmitton is for you.

My 2 cents on course design

First off I did not race this course neither did I spectate it but I have done a ton of cross racing in my life and that is the joy of cross hopefully every course has a different behavior. What is perfect for one rider is hell for another but just wait probably the next weekend the tables will be turned. Some complain of too much asphalt or gravel, power riders like me love it. Too much mud, technical guys eat it up. Too much sand, the runners dream of this stuff (have you seen Boups in a sand section, he KILLS IT). So how can there be a right or wrong? That would be like saying no crit should have no more than 7 turns or a road race should not have lanes without shoulders or Hill Climbs should never go beyond 12% in grade. You are entitled to your opinion and promoters should listen as if 90% of the racers agree that running in knee deep mud is not good than turn out will probably be low the following year.

If you were not there...

Then you have no idea how bad it was. This isn't about being tough or bike handling. It was a bad location and the course designer did the best they could with a bad venue location. "Unique" they described it as in the flyer. A parking lot with dirt on the edges and concrete stairs is hardly unique. Might as well have the race at the dino lots or the local park n ride.