2012 - Frostbite TT - Naked female rider takes the win!

March 3rd



Riders faced hurricane force wins to kick off this years season opener out in Nowhere Colorado (see for yourself in the course preview video below). Winner in the men's field was seasoned rider Kevin Nicol who took much of last year off due to serious accident at the Gila last year that resulted in a broken hip. Hopefully more from Kevin on his road to recovery and plans for 2012 soon to come.

In the women's SW2 field a naked rider won, Tri specialist Rachel Scott riding for Naked Women's Racing p/b TriBella.


Due to human error and sorting issue on ACA site SW1 field was missed, looks like Megan Hottman took the victory in the SW1 field and it is reported that Kristen Peterson also did better but probably due to no ACA license her result is not appearing?




Story Headline

The headline of this story sure seems a bit skewed considering that the said Naked rider didn't exactly win the entire event with the best time, but only her category which wasn't really clarified.