2012 - Fort Collins Criterium and Rist Canyon Road Race

August 17-19



Rist Canyon Road Race - CANCELLED

Not a good year road racing in Colorado in the summer. http://www.fccyclingfest.com/
Saturday August 18th the Rocky Mountain Criterium – 1 mile of flat, fast, bliss!
Sunday August 19th Canceled.

This was the last chance to have a Masters / Junior State Road Championship for 2012. I guess ACA will not have one this year for the Masters or Juniors.

Big bummer

I always look forward to Rist (whether it's a HC or RR) every year and it's sad to see it cancelled this year. Hopefully it will return in 2013.

The Rist Race itself has been

The Rist Race itself has been cancelled for many months due to permit constraints in the canyon. The organizers were going to run a Horsetooth Reservoir Circuit Race in its place but now that has also been cancelled due to the fire.

For those concerned, Rist Canyon has been almost entirely consumed by the blaze. Its a near total loss. Very devastating.