2012 - Cyclo-X at Sienna Lake

Photo Credit: Sportif Images

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No 45+ results from Sienna

No 45+ results from Sienna Lake on the ACA website. This is strange because I got my results at the race right after it was completed. I was going to give the promoters huge kudos for the great chip timing, but not having the results on the ACA website is a snafu which hopefully will be remedied soon.

I make comments following

I make comments following races for constructive criticism. While I was able to get my results for the 45+ race, how about in 12 months when I want to see how I did last year at this race? The ACA web site does a fantastic job listing results back to 2007. I don't care about getting my photo, I just care about making CO CX the best and letting promoters know about concerns we racers have, in a productive way, is the best way I know how to do this. Perhaps the results will be updated eventually, which would be great.

Worry About Yourself

Why do you have to question another individual's motives? We want to see our results and those of our competitors and those competitors whom we strive to emulate. And, because transparent and accessible results constitute a huge part of the experience for a vast majority of the racing community.

You got first draft results.

But are the results you got accurate and complete? They don't post them up until they get all the riders to bib numbers. Results are only as accurate as the registration data coming in. Since the ACA site builds the Cup standings, they wait until they are final before posting.

No 45+ results from Sienna

Sounds like a question for ACA, since they are the ones who post results to their website. It appears to be an accidental omission on their part, and not the fault of the race organizers or the timing company.

Announcement on Homepage

Huge props to ACA for making an announcement that complete results from Sienna Lake will be made available when judging protocol is complete.
I think that is hugely considerate and indicates ACA's extreme diligence and dedication to its constituents.

No, results were live and instant

I'm confused on this as well, results were not delayed they were instant and live. It was the movement of results on the ACA website that was delayed for one field, 45+. Eventually they should be there for racers who chase points but every racer could see their results immediately after the race.

Sienna Lake results

I was the Chief Judge at Sienna Lake. The judging protocol was complete when I left the race near 5 PM. The message I got later was that the electronic file received by ACA was missing the USAC and ACA numbers for the SM 45+ and SM 45+_4 categories. My understanding is that results can't be uploaded without those numbers as they feed into a number of different tracking programs: the upgrading program and the Cup points program are just two of them. The other 19 categories were fine and were uploaded when they were received, so it would seem to be a temporary glitch. As noted on the ACA website, as soon as the missing information is supplied, results can be uploaded.


This race, at least for the crews at the end of the day, was epic! So much fun in the snow and mud out there. The run-ups must have been downright hysterical to watch. I could not stop smiling. Sorry to the groundskeepers out at Sienna Lake, but dang that was fun.