2012 - Cyclo-X at Louisville



I could not disagree more

I'm not sure who the announcer was for this race but I love a good announcer. Have you witnessed a skiing event... now that is some bad announcing!!!

There may not be crowds upon crowds listening to them but for me even as a racer I love it!

Now if bronze or lead level events are looking to save some bucks than maybe they could do away with it but I hope silver and gold keep them around.

Also like the announcers

I agree with Kris. While I could be perfectly happy without announcers at cross races, I think it enhances the scene and provides positive energy. I appreciate it as a racer, a spectator, or just when I'm mulling around at my car. More energy at an event is a good thing.

Before criticizing an announcer's jokes, consider how hard it is to hold a mic for 8 hours trying to be entertaining and informative. No easy task.

Larry G rules

A couple of points on announcing amateur CX races

1) I agree it brings positive energy to the race. I've never known Larry critize or mock a rider and so very often he gives a shout out to random racers. As a lowly, middle of the pack Cat 4 racer, it is pretty awesome he looks up my name every so often and calls it out when I come by.

2) Announcing is difficult. CX comes with no program and often there are 2-3 races going on at the same time. Larry does a great job trying to give as much color as possible on racer positioning.

3) While this year the weather has cooperated, Larry is often out there braving poor weather and still having a great time.

4) CX is about intense racing but also being laid back and having fun. Larry gets that and enhances the festival atmosphere in my opinion.

Larry G

Larry is fun, adds a lot of colorful narrative to the races for spectator and racer alike...

Sorry Larry, I had the sound off

Larry, if you are wonder "WTF doesn't Thompson know my voice?" That is because I had the sound off when I first watched this, had no clue your voice was in the background.

You rock! Thanks for all you do in CX... I hope someday the ski industry my clue in an hire you for a ski event or 2.

I like the dynamic that the

I like the dynamic that the announcer adds to the videos...I might have included a little too much in this vid though. I agree that they sometimes talk to themselves, but Larry has some funny comments a lot of the time.

Would you prefer awkward silence?

As a Cat 4 woman, it's often quiet enough during our races. We race early before the crowds are there. Plus, if they are there, and they're watching me, they aren't really heckling or cheering. It's more just silent pity or looking away in anguish. Race announcers like Larry make me giggle in spite of myself, have fun as an amateur and even give me a feel for what's going on within my own race; how the field is split up (or not), where my competition is, etc.

When I'm watching other races (people who are much faster), I live for the announcing. You can't be all over the course at once (I've tried). He knows the names and faces and racer histories of the season. I actually LEARN to race better by paying attention to him.

Plus, he's pretty funny AND he sang "Happy Birthday" to my 10 year old daughter at her first "official" cross race on her birthday. It made her YEAR.

But maybe you prefer awkward silence and the sound of wind. To each their own.

This announcer seems to like

This announcer seems to like to hear himself talk and adds little to no value. Got the call wrong for who was going to win the race and kept going on about it. Irritating to listen to.

The announcer definitely spoils the video. I have seen (or heard) this guy at other races and once in a blue moon he may make a humorous remark or explain something that the average fan wouldn't know.

Lots of details missing

So Stevenson would not have won if Summerhill apparently had not paid him? The results show

1st Stevenson
2nd Summerhill
3rd Powilson

Or are you saying Stevenson would not have showed up if Summerhill had not paid him. Why didn't Powilson win? Maybe you are saying that Summerhill let Stevenson breakaway and Summerhill stayed back, sounds like good racing to me. Teams or alliances can be made right on the spot in racing, suck it up! That is why it is important to have strong teams if you are chasing victory. In the end this is just speculation and your responses will be no proof

Did you watch the video?

Did you watch the video? Summerhill has the race wrapped up. In the last corner Stevenson comes through first as Summerhill coasts to the finish faking a chain problem. Stevenson yelled at Summerhill in the last few corners that he would pay him to win the race because he wanted to win the boulder racing series over Powilson and needed the points. No speculation. Anyone who watched the finish of the race could smell the fishiness. I watched it happen from the finish straight.

Interesting theory Watson

1. While Polison was 1st in the series going into the race, Stevenson is 28th, so he probably doesn't care about the series
2. The race is not part of the boulder racing series, so there was no points on the line.

Want to try another theory?

It was for the Cross Cup

It was for the Cross Cup points. Many spectators heard the verbal transaction before the finish line. This is not theory's, this is FACT and was admitted by Stevenson to numerous other racers.

Oh my lord, the drama, your

Oh my lord, the drama, your poor child, how would they ever handle that?

Please make sure they never watch any sports, where people may trade favors to get them what they want, like road racing for a example.