2012 - Colorado Time Trial Championships

June 16th



Why are the State TT numbers so low?

I was just checking out the start list for the State TT and the numbers look pretty low for the 35+/3 and 35+/4 classes (only 10 each so far) with only 1 day left to register. This is a State Championship event! These classes typically have 50+ starters for crits and road races. I admit that I think the ACA could find a better venue with better road conditions for a State Championship course, but it is what it is. Why aren't people racing? Thoughts?

Average Age of TTers

(Still a day to go for registration so might change)
All Racers - Juniors to Masters - 45 Years Old
Just Senior & Masters - 50.5 Years Old

20 Something riders - SIX - Ouch!

I briefly considering doing

I briefly considering doing it, but decided against it based purely on return on investment. Although I like to do well in any given race I enter, it's ultimately a hobby and thus it should have some element of "fun" to it.

Takes a harder rider than me to wanna pay $35 for the privilege doing 25 miles all out against the diagonal crosswinds of the plains!

the tenuous argument for 35+3

the tenuous argument for 35+3 and 35+4 as far as i understand them are

1) controlling field size and

2) in theory, maybe 35+ folks race a little less recklessly and take fewer risks in crits and RRs than the younger guys. my experience hasnt really supported this, as ive seen (and been snagged by) more stupid, reckless crashes in 35+3 this year than when i raced exclusively 3s.

it doesnt really look like field size has been a problem in most of the races this year, and pack safety isnt an issue at all in TTs, so its unclear to me what the point of separated age group cats is for 3s or 4s is. especially since TT is mostly dominated by 30 somethings ANYWAY, which i suspect has both physiological and financial explanations.

its patently absurd to look at TT results and see someone win in 35+ with a time that would have been 5th or 6th in Cat 3, BEHIND a bunch of 40 year olds.

on the other hand, its just a hobby and if having more niches where people feel competitive and develop rivalries and cliques, and that means people race more, i guess its probably a net positive for racing on a sport level.

wrong #1 reason

It isn't to control field size; The 35+ field is so ultra competitive in this state, making a jump from cat 4 to racing against ex-pros is a monster leap for a majority of people.

what? whos talking about


whos talking about jumping from cat4 to 35+ 1-2? ACA doesnt even allow 3s in 35+ open races anymre.

just jump from 4 to 3.

35+3 is effectively a transitional cat between 3 and 4 thats only available to masters guys.

plenty of races over the age of 35 race in the straight up cat 3s.

i did mean that. why bother

i did mean that.

why bother with a 35+ cat 3?

just let the guys over 35 race with the rest of cat 3.

especially since as i look at state TT registration, over half of the straight up cat 3 field is over 35 anyway.

It still baffles me that

It still baffles me that folks need a special 3s only master category. If someone doesn't want to race with the 35+ 'open', they can race with the sr 3s. With the addition of cat 5 it will effectively split the fields between cat 4 and cat 5 over time and given the lower number of racers in recent years, we could easily move away from special master's cat 4 categories over the next couple of years as well.

Go back to more 'open' aspect of the master's 35+ and 45+. You always have an opportunity to race the sr categories or you can try your hand in the master's 'open'. Granted there are reasons to limit the master's to cats 1-4 or perhaps 1-3 but what we have today doesn't make much sense. Field sizes have become much too small with all the special categories. Between the Sr 3s, 35+ 1/2 and 35+ 3 there aren't enough racers showing up to justify 3 different starting groups.

Not many really care about RMRC. Just look at the participation in recent years for state championship events. Turnout is about the same whether or not a particular race is state championship or not. The quality of the event and distance from Denver/Boulder is a much larger factor than RMRC status.

yeah the state TT course is

yeah the state TT course is just so boring and they dont put ANY effort into making the atmosphere fun.

tri-lakes TT should be held up an example of how to run a TT: interesting, dynamic course, great volunteer support, cash payouts, nice little scenic pavillion with school kids selling cookies and mix1 and stuff...

results were fast, posted and emailed within minutes of the race finishes...

when it was rumoured thar we might lose the state TT course cuz the dumb juniors were blocking traffic riding 3 wide, i got kinda excited that someone might step up and do a cooler course. kinda bummed its back at the airport again.

I would have but...

between recent fire drills at work and being laid up for a couple of weeks, I lost too much fitness.

I don't mind that course too much though. Not great but not bad either. Not much traffic. There are some clean lines closer towards the edge of the road. Good luck to those suiting up this weekend!

Registrations seem to be late this year

Interesting phenomena this year (it appears at least). For most races, a majority of people are not registering until the last week before the race. I am not sure if people realize the State TT reg closes Tuesday, as that is earlier than most races.

2012 TT State Championship


The weather couldn't have been better for this on Saturday. variable moderate wind, warm but overcast. Just a great day for a TT. and the superfast times across most of the categories support that.

I dont mind most of the course, but the north half of the noth/south leg is really really terrible. potholes and giant seams everywhere. at least two seams big enough that my aerobars shifted when i hit em. scary.

anyway... results were prompt. liked the email thing. kudos to everybody for a solid event, but that section is really awful and kind of a bummer in an otherwise sweet course.