2012 - CO States CX - Cross of the North

Saturday/Sunday Dec 15/16th - States CX with Cross of the North in Loveland

A couple great videos and tons of links to pictures from the 2012 Colorado Cyclocross Championships.

Results Day 1

Results Day 2




35+4 barcam

Here's my barcam of the 35+4 race:

2012 Colorado Cyclocross Championships, 35+4 from Brian Moore on Vimeo.

It was a great course that was more fun to ride than I thought it would be from the preview video. It was a shame having some of the main players who animated our field over the past couple months missing because of recent mandatories, but there was still plenty of good racing.

Thanks to all the promoters, officials, and volunteers for a great season of racing. 'Cross just keeps getting better out here. Well, except for the almost complete lack of mud and snow this year, but what can you do.

As for the scary-looking crash as the start, a friend of mine who was hanging out nearby said the rider who went down walked away, so hopefully he's okay. From the video it looked as if something went into his front wheel and stopped it turning. Although looked like his own pedal, I'm thinking that must be a trick played by the relatively low resolution and frame rate. If anyone knows what happened, I'd be curious to hear.

Coming next fall - exciting footage of the back of the 35+3s.

35+ 4 barcam

From your video, it looks like his foot slipped his pedal (not clipped in yet?) and his toe went into the spokes on his front wheel, causing one amazing endo! Glad to hear no one was hurt. Amazing video - expect it will appear on the usual cycling websites soon. Thanks for sharing.

Paired Spoke Wheels

Anyone else notice the rider who crashed was using paired spoke wheels?

They look great (arguably), but in cyclocross I've seen them cause problems when riders get tangled up and/or crash. They're much more likely to have a bike part (or body part) put through the spokes, making disentanglement after a crash harder.

Food for thought...

Another angle

I was a little further back. You can really see how high the bike went. Glad he's ok. From your video it looks like he stuck his own foot in the front wheel.

Impressive airtime

That was some impressive vertical, and a nice job by everyone making it around without any dominoes going down. I came closer to a clean dodge than I realized; it looks like I just went over his rim.


That was a pretty spectacular crash! Glad to hear that he walked away.

On another note, like you said, that course rode way better than the preview video! Lots of fun! Thanks for all the videos this year, see ya in the 3s next year.


Course pics?

Hey, those of you CX'rs who live south of the I-70 equator, any pre-race course pics of how things are melting out, mud depth, pre-ride GoPro barcam footage, etc, etc you can share? Getting excited, chompin at the bit! Thanx