2012 - Clif Bar Development party - fundraiser

Nov 29th
Clif Bar Development party/fundraiser

The fund raiser will be Nov 29th from 6-8 at Boulder Cycle Sport South. There will be free Belgian beer from Great Divide beer. We will have frites and mayo and fresh Evol burritos. We are asking for cash donations at the door, but what we really want is your old sports gear or used bikes, bike parts, bike clothing, or anything else we can sell at the Pros Closet. Pros Closet will then sell the donated items and the Clif Bar team will directly receive the money from the Pros Closet sale.

All Clif Bar Team members will be there including former team members Danny Summerhill and Alex Howes, Elite team members Mitch Hoke and Brady Kappius, team director Ben Turner and current members Zane Godby, Spencer Downing, Ian McPherson, Maxx Chance, LIam Dunn, Cormac Dunn and Kolben Preble as well as cyclocross champions Brandon Dwight and Pete Webber.

I think the cycling community turn out is going to be huge and there is bound to be some entertaining moments with old videos and fun team introductions. There will also be some fun give aways for Clif Product, etc.

Photo Credit: Hardcastle Photography