2012 - City Park Criterium



If by "spark" you mean

If by "spark" you mean "attendance," it seems like almost all races occurring after May have lost their spark. I just don't understand the road scene in Colorado - in March, 70 cat 4s show up for the D.U. sponsored crit in City Park. For a race on that same course the first weekend in June, a fraction of that number showed up. What, the season's over already?

And, to add to the disappointment, there was no kid's race this year. They had to stretch the day so much dividing those 210 racers among a ridiculous number of categories, that there wasn't time.

Two questions: Why are three

Two questions:
Why are three roundabouts per lap more dangerous than six corners?
If the roundabouts are the reason for the low numbers, why were the numbers little better at e-rock?

Late March through May get the numbers here, and then it tanks.

Competition heats up after May

Have you seen the cycling calendar this summer? It is packed full with all kinds of other cycling stuff, http://303cycling.com/event

Someone might be a "roadie" but they still my do a charity bike ride, sometimes Short Track, long mountain bike or road rides with friends, endurance MTB, triathlon, and on and on. In April the selection choices is low.

It's hard to get the attention of riders in Colorado when there are so many darn good events going on at the same time... just look at everything that was going on this past weekend

Another reason numbers

Another reason numbers probably drops after May is Triathlons pick up so a lot of Triathletes racing to stay in shape early, move on to the Tri's. The Cross guys are probably now working on their periodization of aerobic endurance only, and the MTBers are separating themselves to getting up in the mountains. Kids out of school and families going on vacations. I don't mind. Gives me a chance to win when I am peaking in the Summer.

those are good suggestions

those are good suggestions but the problem is that the question is why is THIS year below previous years and any of those things would have been true in other years as well.

I raced it in March and just

I raced it in March and just don't like the course near enough to race it again. IDK if the 'roundabouts' were my main reason for not attending but I'm just not a fan of the course. Few things made the decision for me - 1, already raced the course in March, 2, raced E-rock the day before & 3, my race was at like 7:50am!

There are very few 'courses' that i'd race twice in one calendar season lol City Park is definitely not one of them.

uuum, you've raced the new

uuum, you've raced the new short course at City Park, right?

Sit down youngster, and I'll tell you why 3 roundabouts is more dangerous than six corners. The road on the short course goes wide-to-narrow, and from high granite kerbs to no kerbs / easy bailout onto grass multiple times. In bigger fields, this causes crashes. The 2 times you go 3/4ths thru the roundabouts, they are fast, slick, and flat to off-camber turns - they both fall away slightly to the outside. The pavement on them has no "tooth" either; it's slick concrete not asphalt, and there are some gaps / seams in the concrete that can easily hook a wheel. The 2nd roundabout (assuming you run the course CCW as is standard) is a high-speed downhill "magnetic" corner that wants to suck out out over the highside curb on the exit, assuming you go thru there full gas. The good line has a big seam / crease in the concrete right about parallel to the best/smoothest path on the apex.

add to that the chicane at the top of the course (coming thru the fountain) that has a huge bump and a major keyhole effect - you can only fit single file through there, really. I hit my crankarm (not my pedal; I use Speedplays) in that turn once and launched my rear wheel a foot offline I have no idea why I didn't go down, and I'm pretty good at cornering, usually.

I've raced City Park off and on since 1999. It was much safer as a bike race IMO before the roundabouts were added. Now it's a nonstop collection of very complex technical cornering "questions" that are rarely asked of criterium racers on the Front Range, and in bigger fields it also has extremely unpredictable flow owing to the wide/narrow issue. Guys literally just get ridden over the curb for no more reason than they got trapped/caught out by the sheer cussedness of it.

A six corner crit, trust me, is dead boring easy by comparison. Speaking as someone who did sometimes 2-3 crits per week in the high season in the Midwest, where a four or six corner downtown crit could be had pretty much anywhere within a 2 hour drive any day of the weekend, and frequently on weeknights as well.

it turned out to be just

it turned out to be just fine...the women's race had some good racing going and the men seemed to be really split up around the course...groups of 1-3 riders riding it out.

to be honest...like others have called for, so many cats makes for a long day and the loss of a kids race.

one thing I'd love to see is more juniors and I'm wondering of the lack of a separate category (I know another separate race...so maybe that's not the solution) or whatever would turn up more juniors. There was only 1 in the SM4/5 group and his low gearing wasn't going to allow him to keep up w/ the pack. Same thing happened last weekend. I was 1 of those kids a while back. sucks, plus what are they learning basically riding by themselves?

So all this USAC merger for nothing?

Last year USAC threaten to suspend any pro in Colorado for doing an ACA race, like North Boulder Crit.... and now pros do non ACA events and nothing? Not that I want to see Tommy D get suspended but this is BS! I'm switching to Mountain Biking

I'm pretty sure the

I'm pretty sure the prohibition only applies to races sanctioned by other "governing" organizations. Charity rides and races not sanctioned by anyone don't count, IIRC The Teva games aren't sanctioned.