2012 - Castle Cross



New Course!

There have been lots of changes made for this years Castle Cross course. The town has stepped up and we were able to change some things. Juniors 10-14 will have there own course that allows for multiple laps, and the Pre j's will do a shortened version that allows multiple laps as well. The start is up the road like always for the Senior Categories, but now there is a wide sweeping downhill that allows for passing before riders are dropped onto the course. From there we cut flowy, fast corners that need concetration to prevent from riding through the tape. More downhill into a wide sweeper, into a 180, then sweep right into a nasty off camber, increasing radius turn. Through technical stuff, pavement, grass, then the pit. Up the twisty sidewalk to a new stair run up, a little more climbing, then a super fast, long, flowy, sweeping descent to the bottom of the course. At that point we climb again to the top of the hill and hop the triple barriers. Another off camber downhill sweeper section, then short climb to the finish. Once through, we're back on the grass, through the pit a second time, up the run up/ride up, and then a short climb to the top of the course. Pre Registration really helps out, and fill out the waiver! Don't be caught in the cold! Leave comments and concerns and I will get out as much info as I can.


Yes. The slight change of

Yes. The slight change of times is correct, however a majority of the schedule is straight from the BRAC DS Guidelines. Use the flyer for your posted race time.