2012 - Boulder Roubaix

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Photo: michaelrobson.com Frank Pipp 2012 Boulder Roubaix winner!

2012 Boulder Roubaix completed under perfect Colorado Spring weather with sunshine and a mild breezy out of the east. Reports have come in saying that the key sections of the course was the fast, dirt sections filled with corners that was before Crane Hollow and of course Crane Hollow itself. But for many completion was the goal as this is one of the hardest road events to complete due to it's length, hills and challenges that come with racing on dirt. More on what Boulder Roubaix is all about.


- ACA Results


- 303Photo
- Mountain Moon Photography
- Oxocube
- Sportif Images
- Peter Wayne Photography
- Excel Sports
- Ghisallo Images

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- Daily Camera -pre-race coverage
- Mountain Flyer



for real?

These are a couple of his more “delightful” thoughts:
“Cancel your race and do a fucking bake sale”
“Collegiate racing is stupidly underfunded and we (collegiate racing) a drain on CO racing”
“CSU never gets any results nationally”
“You CSU guys should never show up at any of my events…ever. ”

Let's get all the hate out in one post and be done

Let's get this hate over with in one post.

So how was the Bake Sale?

I heard the SM 35+ 3's were not allowed to buy anything because no one liked that category and the women's field was too small to make any difference in their revenues. But we will never get any results because the timing/results system did not work.

Oh, and this is Anonymous

CSU bakesale

chocolate bacon cupcakes

rice krispie treats

so many cookies

It was awesome.

Races were great too.

Hope they program the season better next year cuz Cobb Lake was a great great great race.


Always know there will be a major local "Roubaix" of some sort the same weekend as the real race in France and plan accordingly - been this way for quite a number of years now. Funny how we've heard no rants with regards to the major schedule conflict THIS weekend. The AFA race is on the former WORLDS course and is amazing! But, alas, it's up against a boring "local" event on a road in the middle of nowhere. It would be great to see the professional promoters actually work WITH the collegiate teams to come up with some GREAT events. Ooh, ooh, an alumni vs. "Cutters" series would be cool too! You listening DBC and BR?

Programming will improve.

Better coordination will happen next year, no doubt.

It was just a low priority problem that anyone who was paying attention saw coming as soon as the integration vote happened, but the people managing schedule were too busy with integration red tape to address proactively.

[removed by admin]


The problem here only arose from CG calling and (allegedly) intimidating a college kid who had NO say in the decision, and whos event was more of a victim of the programming problem than Chris felt that his was. Anyone who thinks CSU wanted to challenge CG or BR is bonkers.

[Kris none of this is in debate or unfair, its just info that was made public in Logan VonBokel's Facebook post cited upthread.]

Yeah, guys I know it's

Yeah, guys I know it's amateur racing and all but can you at least make sure your water bottle holder is capable of holding a water bottle while riding down a dirt road?

And I don't need a saddle bag for a 6 hour training ride, so I don't think you need one for a 2 hour race.

Well that's awesome.....

.....for YOU, using your jersey pockets like a Pro.

While I find it kinda funny when I see one attached to a bike during a crit, having one on during a long DIRT road race with minimal support? I call that practical.

But, we all can't have a follow car like you, so that's pretty awesome for Anonymous on Easter Sunday.

Kidding right? Telling me u

Kidding right? Telling me u cant fit a tube, lever and co2 cartridge in a jersey pocket? There was crap flying all over the road in my race too. You must have the smallest jersey pockets in the world.

Advice from a crusty master racer.

Water bottles in jersey pockets = fumble. Saw too many people dropping water bottles trying to wrestle them from their jersey pockets or put them back in there. What is the logic there? Maybe they think the jersey pocket is better than the bottle holder?

Saw teammates handing each other bottles (I guess because they had dropped theirs) and almost causing crashes. I appreciate the noble domestique attitudes here but let's get real. We have trouble enough riding the dirt with both hands on the bars. If you drop your bottle..... suffer until the feed zone and crash there like everyone else.

Also lots of people who had to dig through tons of jersey pocket crap to get to their food. (I vote for the seat bag in this instance). If your jersey pockets are so loaded with tubes, arm warmers etc. Think it through.

Stick gels in your bike short leg for easy access. Remember you can stop pedaling and make it easier to reach. Also dispose in the same place and preserve the environment. Better yet eat something like a fig newton which doesn't require plastic trash to nourish you.

And one last thing....If you crash and survive don't stand in the middle of the friggin road. Get off to a shoulder. It would also be great if you would collect your scattered belongings. Of course this only apples to those lucky enough to escape with minor injuries.

Thanks. A cat3 35+er who could be a cat 2 if I felt like it...

.....and yes this is coming from someone who actually knows what it was like to race a bike when you couldn't even shift without taking your hands off the bars. Horrors. or while climbing a hill.

I agree. Finding a good

I agree. Finding a good bottle cage is essential in these type of races. King Ti and steel cages are a bit more expensive, but definitely worth it. Also, make sure you tighten your bolts again before the race.

I assume the cars on the

I assume the cars on the course that delayed the start were to blame. Although one would think with chip timing they could figure it out. I know they had a sheet with the top 20 penciled in at the finish but did not post it.

How about you just talk about the race!

Can't believe that we are STILL bitching about categories! This horse has been beaten and turned into glue! Move on! There will NEVER be a category set that everyone likes.

So how was the actual race? I heard the section before crane hollow was the really key section.

Lap Times?

It would be great to see the lap times from the $100K chip timing system. I know I was definitely slowing down on the 3rd lap. Complete Bonk on the last 4 miles. I thought Roubaixs where suppose to be flat.

The little kicker near the

The little kicker near the end of the crane hollow section was the key in the race I was in. It stretched out the field enough so that some breaks got away on st vrain. If you got stuck behind on the hill and didn't reconnect, then you missed the break.

Yep, that was the plan

It was a bit of a risk with 1.5 laps to go but I and 6 others decided to turn up the heat to a roiling boil on the Crane Hollow climb and we ended up shredding the field. Once I saw who was with me in the break (see the top 7 results of the 35-3, Cat 1&2 crossers AND TT specialists), I knew we'd succeed - still hurt like hell though! Hats off to the volunteers, organizers, residents and especially the racers for making this an exceptional event. Hope all those who suffered mishaps are feeling better today.

Onward and upward!

For us the hammer was down

For us the hammer was down each time from the Nelson road climb pretty much to the finish.

On the last lap the combo of the pace, the dirt rollers and subsequent twisty downhill was enough to select a lead group, which then disintegrated from attacks in the final 800m.

Very fun course. Kudos to DBC, the ACA and officials, the sponsors, the residents of the area for being tolerant and heads up and especially all who came out to actually race their bikes. More of this please.

amateur BMOCs

Its important to remember that the aggro dudes here who are like... sooooper concerned about other people sandbagging or not being hardcore or PRO enough are, by and large, middle-aged amateurs.

Meaning: people who arent actually good enough to do this for a living.

So to put in in perspective, its kinda like dudes who couldn't pass the MCATs or hack it in Med School prancing around on like internet BMOCs and giving everybody medical advice.

Real pros dont care if 45+4s like having thier own amateur races. its called perspective.

And yeah, dont confuse a cowardly, anonymous, vocal minority with consensus.

Scoring, ACA vs. USAC, waffle irons...

Hi! First time racer, first time poster. The race was rox0r. But I have a logistical question. This was my first race with USAC/ACA (and so I was in Cat 5/newbie/under 35). I had gotten my USAC licence and paid for my ACA membership at the same time about a month ago, and I entered this race using those numbers. So the results page on ACA show me, but it doesn't appear to be affiliated with my actual ACA #. So it appears that I wasn't placed with my ACA/USAC accounts (even though I signed up while signed up as...). So should I wait a few days? Contact DBC events? Contact ACA? Cry in my beer?

I only care because I need 10 mass start rides to move from CAt 5 to Cat 4 (and you can assume that I'll then move from Cat4 to Cat 1 within a month, because I'm that bad ass. Or not....). But really, I spent $35, and I'd rather be able to use it on my quest for Cat 4...


Same question as above. I

Same question as above. I had a great time, loved the event and course, etc. I would just like my results help me move along (well, at least out of cat 5 at some point!). Oh yeah, strong work by both Boulder Beer and Ruben's for the support. Nice way to end the event!

As always, a great race!!

As usual, another great race put on by DBC. I only do a handful of road races a year and mostly they are on dirt. With numbers getting bigger every year, it's more an more challanging to manage. Funny how people bitch with great weather and a few bottles on the ground. Remember the 2007 CatEye in Longmont? No one bitched, it was rough, and some wild racing. the toughest folks that day were the volunteers.

See you next year!


Still missing the Garmin Forerunner 310XT - please spread the word. Battery is probably dead by now and unless you have a specific charger, the thing is useless to you. Reward still offered! 303-478-6319 call or text with any info. Thanks!

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