2012 - Boulder Racing #4 Valmont

Boulder Racing did it again and pulled off a quality show at Valmont Park in Boulder. A creative course that rolled quite differently than courses previously held at Valmont. This course utilized more of the Glades section of the Park and was fast and exhausting. It was not a course for the skilled and not powerful racer. My only negative (and this really applies to most courses) is to please rake the gravel pit between heats otherwise my mid day there really isn't a gravel pit. What are your thoughts on the course?

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Boulder Valmont Park #4 from MarkSimon on Vimeo.

2012 BR 4 - Valmont "South" from Brian Moore on Vimeo.



Thoughts on the course?

Just curious what other people thought of the course.

Going "backwards" on the course gave a whole new feel to Valmont and I generally enjoyed it. I wasn't at all a fan of the start or finish locations, it just didn't seem like there was much room and felt cramped.

With this being my 3rd race at VBP this year, I was a bit tired of it and would have preferred a different venue. VBP twice a year is enough for me.

Kudos to the BoulderRacing crew & volunteers, they always put on a good & well run race!

Since you asked...

Haven't ridden VBP, but from the videos I've seen, it looks like narrow, hard-packed single track. For most of the course it looks like they could move the stakes over 5-6 feet and do away with the hard pack.

I agree

Doing Valmont "backwards" at least parts of it, anyway - made for a really nice, really welcome change.

Great work, "Without Limits." Was a fun race.

I liked it

This was only my 2d time racing at Valmont, so I don't have as much basis to compare, but overall I did like this layout. It was nice to move the climb off the road, and I thought the start was fine. I agree the finish was too cramped and could have been a hazard for any groups coming to the line together. Overall, though, a good balance of technical and power, hills and flats.

Great #3 Valmont Race

WOL, fantastic job on Saturday! I very much appreciate your timing and registration system that obviously allows for accurate start lists even when people dont have the option in their schedule to pre-reg. Also worth huge applause is my first experience using your device that prints out your results within about 10min of finishing. Fantastic!

The bar has been raised and the example set of what can be achieved...Hint, Hint BRAC. Oh, not to mention the course was a nice variation from the usual VBP. First class experience all the way around!